Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm bringing this thing BACK.

ok, let's be real. this THING (blog) was never really anything. but I used to be a website queen - back in grade 9 when I was cool and self-taught html and everyone was so jeal' and.. k not really. but I did have a pretty great site for an amateur. I have decided to start a blog which I will hopefully dedicate myself to. not because I have an overly interesting life but just because I like to talk a lot/have no secrets. allow me to begin. it's 10am and i decided that since when I'm home I skip a lot of meals coz I hate cooking I would just go ahead and eat breakfast and lunch together. so I warmer up a huge bowl of leftover kd. I would have to say that was a bad idea. mystomachhurtssomuch. I'm attempting now to make some videos ie: snocamp vid from february, a couple video blog's (one for me, one for kasiaandallie's youtube), and then one video of memories and videos from the past year. downside: my stinkin digital camera that takes videos takes them in .mov format so I can't use them in windows movie maker unless I convert them all! gaaaaaaah, it's such a big effort! and most of the time it just gives me errors anyways. so that just assists in my procrastinating. they will probably never get done! also, I have been in the process of picking courses for like the past 2 days. itsajoke. the classes I want the most all seem to fall in the EXACT SAME time slot. not going to lie, I'm so stressed. and I just have no desire to leave barrie and my friends right now coz SUMMER IS AWESOME. I feel totally like myself at home and with my friends here, whereas I always feel like only one side of myself back at school. and that side, although I wouldn't say it's like a completely different person, but it's not really truly me. I never feel totally comfortable. I guess I just have to savour this comfort and ability to be me for the time being. *sigh* this year I have to make big changes. most work harder. although this has never been my forte, I really really want to show up my family with some nice high numbbas. they all seem to think I'm a failure when I'm not? anyways, I really want to prove them wrong. sidenote: I have a scab on my ear that I just found. strange. and YA, I'm just loving life and summer, even if the weather sucks and it mise well be rainging all the time due to lack of sun. I must resume video making, or by the time I finish the snocamp video it will already be snocamp 2010!! peaceout, a-towndown.

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