Saturday, July 11, 2009

impulse buys.

today I bought some impromptu items. both were $12 each though so its not like they were toooo expensive. anywho, allow me to explain. Item #1: A Lovely Pink French Coffee Press (incl. free half pound of coffee, greaaat!) I'll be honest and upfront, my main attraction to it was the incredible pink colour. shiny glass container. fancy pink scoop inside. clean silver filter. (If anyone is confused about what a french press in here's a link to a picture) So ya, real pretty. the I find out it's only $12 with my excellent discount. The store manager says, "So are you going to take it?" and the pressure's on man. So i said yes. Mostly so she wouldnt have to void it and then get a high void percentage, but I felt so special with my pink french press. now I just have to start drinking coffee. I figure it will be nice to have when I go back to the city. make a nice, small thing of coffee in the morning to take to school. and I can even experiment with fancy home drinks using nesquick and hot milk, etc. maybe my housemates Laura and Fatima will even learn to like Coffee - I have the sense that they don't like it much now but maybe I can get them hoooked! Also, then I will feel like my weekly coffee markouts aren't going to waste because i will finally be able to use them when I am away from home for a while and forget to collect for my parentals. I think I will try it out tomorrow and if I remember, I might just tell you how it goes! Item #2: Running Shorts After working at the chapters starbucks I had to walk home! so before I left I went and visited Phil at SportMart where I decided to purchase some running shorts with his discount. They are black, with white details and they are by Reebok. I like them a lot. Now I have to start runnning. I have all the gear to prevent chaffing, etc. now I have to get on the pavement!! So my goal is to hopefully go for my first run tomorrow evening when I will be lonely with nothign to do, no one around lol. I will start by doing the run 5 mins, walk 5 mins, run 5, walk 5.. or something like that. I am currently looking up tips for how to start out running (lame, but necessary). I have never been successful at running but I figure i mise well start now and I can take that through my whole life! not to mention the numerous health benefits - heart, sexy legs (NO MORE KANKLES!!), ... that's all I can name, but I know there's more! Now that I have the whole outfit, I have nothing holding me back but temperature, food babies, my schedule (which has ample free time so weak factor ALLIE)... anyways. I must MUST must do this! I'm turning over a whole new leaf! Running, Coffee-Drinking Allie. LOOK OUT WORLD!

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