Wednesday, July 8, 2009

new, cool sites...

I have come to the realization that i only visit the same 5 sites - facebook, twitter, perezhilton, blogger, and gmail. It is def time to expand my WWW horizons. So I started randomly searching for "cool websites" and found lists and lists of them, went through most of the sites and posted some here! enjoy! Graffiti Creator ... make your own graffiti. pretty cool, I must say. Overheard at the Office ... people submit stuff they overhear at the office. Overheard in New York ... people submit stuff they hear on the streets of New York. Go Fug Yourself ... hahaha, making fun of celebs. enjoyable. PostSecret ... people send in postcards with their secrets on them. some are pretty revealing! Texts from Last Night ... texts that shouldn't be sent or read. DailyLit ... I think they text you or email you books for free in some cases! I would totally use this if I could find books I want to read. They have a huge selection, guess I just have to spend more time searching. Rate My Drawings ... submit drawings, look at drawings all up to be rated. MoCo Loco ... really pretty and unique architectural stuff!! so neat. Chromasia ... someone's cool photography blog, all very well organized. Grid Skipper ... the worldwide travel blog F My Life ... short stories of really embarrassing moments, submitted by ANYONE.

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