Tuesday, September 8, 2009

all moved in.

We moved in to our new place off campus.
It's a pretty nice house, we have lots of space and my room is BIG and my bed is BIG... I have never had a double bed before! I got everything unpacked yesterday and my room is all decorated pretty like of course I would make it! I JONAS-ified it too! WOOOAH! Thats all that matters really!
We have a fruit fly problem, it's pretty gross coz they get into EVERYTHING. and the professional cleaners that apparently came in and cleaned were not very professional to leave so many cobwebs and spiders and dust... pretty disappointing. but I attacked my room with a vacuum yesterday and now it's just sparkling. And we swept the hall so it's all glistening.. now if only the bugs would leave haha! Its weird swatting flies as you eat INSIDE. meh, hopefully as it gets colder they will just DISAPPEAR.

awesome news, answer to my prayers really. my old RA, nuel, just so happens to be a Christian like myself and she goes to this church - the one people recommended to me and that I even emailed (although I am still waiting for a response :( hmmm) - and is fairly involved so I have someone to go to church with!! What a huge relief!! She is even into the college and careers so she said she could introduce me, etc. They are all apparently trying out a new program where they have more of a worship team or something, and they need leaders... so of course I was like OH PICK ME PICK ME!!! AHHHH SO HAPPY! I was willing to go alone although I wasn't too keen on the idea. So I am just so insanely excited for that. Its top of priorities and now things have been made so much more comfortable and easy and, it's just awesome!

So pretty happy, and I'm pretty excited now for school to start because I enjoy learning... and then that means that I start the internship soon and I'm over the moon about that!
So many good things to look forward to! Class, Driving Test (wish me luck! ahhh), INTERNSHIP! Church!

WOOOO! Happy Day!

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