Wednesday, September 2, 2009

au revoir summer '09.

move away countdown: 3 days :(

I wish I was excited about going back to school. and really I am surprised I'm not.
at the end of the school year I was raving about how great it had been and how much fun I had had, and how much I loved it. now after 5 months of being home and spending so much time with the amazing people in my life and getting to do so many things I don't want to return.
this summer has been amazing. I definitely expected it to be so lame. I imagined doing nothing because everyone would be working but it wasn't like that at all. somehow all our work schedules seemed to fit together and we had so much time in between to spend with each other. this blog would really have nothing to do with summer if I didn't mention the Gregory's and the Fleming's, my two adoptive families of the summer. without them, I would have been super bored and abandoned. so thank you Ryan, Elizabeth, Luke, Mr. & Mrs., Alyssa, adopted brothers Aaron, Colton and Ben, Mr. and Mrs. Fleming. thank you for letting me stay the night when my parents left me to fend for myself at your place in the country haha.

I'm so sad, gee whiz.

maybe I just feel like this because so many people will be going on Mission Trips this year and I'm jealous! haha, but soooo excited for those people, but I guess I'm worried that when they come back things won't be the same... that's probably a good thing for them. plus I guess after this year and the fact that most of my Barrie friends are done high school I really won't be allowed to go to Youth anymore!
Ugh, I just hate change. And I am so in love with Alyssa and Ryan and Emmanuel and all those amazing people there. And my parents. and my brother. and my Minnie. oh my Minnie. I'm gonna miss my little baby, who I just started to love, which is a big deal coz I didn't think I would ever feel about her the way I felt about Diamond. but I do. and now I have to leave again.

It probably also doesn't help that I'm not packed and I am so nervous to overpack like last year! I don't want to bring so much stuff again but I don't know how NOT to. Ugh!

I guess what really needs to happen is I need to focus on all the amazing things this year surely has in store. I am so going to find a church (#1 Priority!), I have an INTERNSHIP!, I'm living off-campus (which may be a bad thing... but it's nice to have a bigger room and more space and WIRELESS), I get to back to my beloved Starbucks instead of the one I work here where everyone just harasses me for being a Christian (which gets old really quickly.. and especially after 5 months (but shoutout to Chapters Starbucks for taking me in more than my home store and letting me vent and be wild and, just in general, your store is better!!) and well, the freedom of living away from home is AWESOME. I love being independent and doing my own laundry and grocery shopping, etc. My biggest concern though is going to be cleanliness. I am having nightmares about it already. Considering that I won't even be home most of the time, I will be horrified to come home for like the 4 hours I'll be there all week to find it a disaster and fruit flies everywhere and just looking like a WAR-ZONE. I'll go crazy, and I don't want to be the "queen bitch" ahha.

anyways. good and bad things.
I love my friends. I know I have been so blessed and that has been made so evident this summer. I crave God in my life and I am so nervous to go back to school where I don't have the support of Christian friends or a church or anything. Its not that I would fall into peer pressure or anything, but like most things, it's no fun to always go it alone. and I often don't feel myself without those things.

(I feel like by ending this blog, I am concluding the summer for myself..)

Well, I shall leave it at that,
Summer 09, you have been good to me. And friends, family, you've been even better.
I can't thank you enough for the laughs and the chats and the good times.
I love you x7347586947725687468375. and even that is not enough.

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