Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I hate myself for forgetting you.
You've only been gone 5 months but I can't tell the difference between you and Minnie.
I know I liked you more, no no, I loved you, but I forget your habits and the way you looked at me and the way you shook when you wagged your tail. I know you're just a dog, but you were the first thing I ever loved and I miss you so much.
Minnie's not the same and that's a good thing, but she looks the same and that sucks. I finally let myself love her and now I can't remember you. And I never want to actually forget you. Because you were my first love.

You really changed our lives in so many ways that we didn't know we needed to be changed.
And now I miss you in my life Diamond.

I love you and always will, even if I can't recall your face or the way you looked when we scrunched your face together.
I miss you baby, but thank you for blessing my family with the amazing gift of companionship and love.

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