Wednesday, September 23, 2009

intern diaries: day four and a half.

Ughh, well this week was rough. And when I say week I really mean only since Monday.

Everything started out fine. I was shown the merch room (where all the samples - clothing, toys, electronics, gifts, etc - are kept) and told how to "receive" packages and samples (just requires me going through the packages and writing down what is received from the different companies and agencies). That was all fine and dandy. My day in fact was rather boring, I didn't have very much to do so I ended up working on some homework. In the afternoon, I had to ship out all these boxes. Before I go on with my story allow me to explain how we go about mailing stuff. Whenever something is leaving the building to be shipped elsewhere, it must be accompanied by a specific mailing sheet. There are three to choose from: a pink one for Toronto, a green one for Domestic (so anything in Canada outside Toronto) and a blue one for International for US shipping. So back to my story. I was shipping out about 5 boxes in total. Three were going random places and two were going to a photoshoot for the next day (Tuesday). I had been sending out everything prior to that on Green Domestic sheets because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. So for all these boxes I attached the green sheet all filled out for Standard Ground shipping that arrives after 5pm, 1 to 5 business days later. I continued to go about my day until the editor who I shipped out the photoshoot boxes for asked me if I had checked that she wanted an email saying the box had been shipped/received. I knew I had checked that so we moved on. But time past and she expected that the package should have reached the photographer already. She then came to the epiphany that I had attached the green 1 to 5 day delivery sheet instead of the emergency 45 min pink sheet! OH NO! And note that this is now 5pm when people are expecting to be going home. She has to get on the blower and try to track down the box because they need it at the shoot for 9am!! But because of the way I sent it, it was going to be there anytime between then and the END OF THE WEEK! Needless to say I was horrified that I had messed up so badly. Fortunately, all the women there were very kind to me even though it was very obviously my fault. They never got anywhere with the delivery people and I found out this morning that the box didn't end up coming til late in the shoot. I guess in my defense, it was only technically my third day and she never directly told me to ship it using the pink, urgent delivery method. But the situation really did make me feel stupid... at least it's good to know that I probably wasn't the first one to mess up like this! It will be funny seeing the issue when it comes out though and knowing that was was shot was not actually supposed to be in the magazine! Maybe through my mistake I have launched the careers of many people who otherwise wouldn't have made it into the publishing! So, you're welcome, in advance.

My shipping problems don't end there. Still reeling from my embarrassing mistake of Monday, on Tuesday I was trying so hard to prove myself and be a goody-goody and just organize stuff and I cleaned this gross leak in the hair product storage bin and tried to sort the merch room, etc. I'll fill you in on my morning Tuesday in a minute, but I was sending stuff back to different companies (this particular instance deals with products from Hermes!, Tiffanys!, Stella McCartney for Baby Gap!, and Louis Vuitton!!) and everything was going well. I even had the editor check over all the shipping info to make sure I didn't have any errors. Well we were waiting for the people at Louis Vuitton to return an email confirming that they were indeed the ones that sent us the samples in the first place, so it wasn't sent at the same time as the others. The editor had been keeping the package at her desk, and then at lunch time she gave it to me and I swear she told me that I could send it to the address that we had. So after I was finished eating and everything I proudly walked it down the mail room, particularly impressed with myself because I had even changed the info on the mail slip to say urgent because I read that the standard option that we had originally gone with was only available until 1pm and it was after 1. So here I was, all stoked that I had completed all my tasks, lalala. Everyone else returns from their lunch breaks and I am asked to clean out the different product storage drawers (this is where I proceeded to clean the gross hairspray leak) when the editor that had been holding the Louis Vuitton package earlier casually mentions "I'm surprised that the Louis Vuitton people haven't replied yet with the confirmation address.." OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHOOOOT! Is all I can think. But if I swore I probably would have. I was sooooo embarrassed once again that I didn't have the balls to say anything right then. But I knew that it would be unavoidable because she was going to get a confirmation email saying the package had been sent, and then the women who we sent it back to would likely reply to her email being like "Oh just received you package now, thanks" or something. I was just doomed. I was so paranoid that as I continued to clean out different product closets all I could hear was the editor gasping and talking about mailing or Louis Vuitton. It was the worst feeling in the world. Nothing happened that day though. And nothing happened today either. But I don't know if that means I'm off the hook. Maybe she already knows that it's gone but maybe she also knows that it was to the right address so it's not as big of a deal. I dunno. It made me feel sick to my stomach though. I hope it just goes away.

Anyways, my day yesterday wasn't all bad and nerves. They had me sort through these bags of products and throw out stuff that couldn't be sold in a product sale! That's right! Around Decemeber I believe, they sell all the products in their cabinets to people in the building and give all the money to charity. I had to throw out some pretty good stuff. It is was like broken or messy or whatever I just threw it away. Well, I did something sort of bad. Sort of because it was just getting thrown away anyways, but still sort of... stealing? I dunno. Anyways, I did nab some of the stuff that was going in the trash. Like a very broken blush and a broken lipstick. Is that actually stealing if you're just taking it from being thrown in the ground unused and rotting? I dunno. Debatable. I guess one could argue it is because I did it with a guilty conscience, but I would never ever even dream of stealing anything that still has value. Anyways, now I just sound like I am defending myself. Lalala.

Today I had a great day though. Of course I came in expecting the editor to have a chat with me about the Louis Vuitton but that didn't happen. Phew. I sorted the products cabinets even further and now there is a lot more room for storing products then before when everything was just piled on top of each other, so I'm pretty happy about that. I also helped the former intern, turned magazine employee, with the merch room and shipping things that have already been shot for the gift guide back to the appropriate palces and people. The former intern is just lovely. I like her a lot. But I'm jealous of her. She met Kevin Jonas in Yorkville and got his autograph. Betch lol! He's my favourite Jonas!! Ughhhhhh!! I got pulled away from that pretty quickly though and had to make photocopies and then I was supposed to pack and ship boxes but I got pulled away from that to bring down gift baskets to another floor for some golf tournament that's happening. Then I went back to pack the boxes, then I got pulled away AGAIN to run down Bloor street to the underground mall where Science City is to pick up some "doll" for the shoot tomorrow. So I did that. It took me a while to find the store, but I did thanks to the Starbucks people (gosh! I love Starbucks people! So wise and knowledgeable!) and I got the doll, which was really a stuffed dog? Anyways, ran back to the building, gave that to the appropriate person. Then I resumed packing the box. By the time I was done that my day was technically over, but they loaded me with boxes and on my way out I dropped them off. The streets were busy with people on their lunch breaks but I waited in line at McD's to grab a pop and then I hustled over to the subway. On the TTC I was eating some Oreo Thinsations and drink my McD's pop when this elderly Asian couple came and sat beside me. I swear, they stared at me the whole time I was eating and I felt so self-conscious. Probably because they are likely capable of cooking interesting concoctions like chicken legs and silverfish and delicious fried rice but I'm white and I also can't do any of that hahaha. Not that my colour actually has anything to do with my lack of cooking ability... I don't think anyways.

Anyways, since it's my half day and only time off during the week really I have just been chilling and skyping, but I just realized I have to finish an assignment for tomorrow, so I better get on that. I have no ink in my printer though... I guess I'll have to use the girl's printer or just email the prof? Hmm...

I'm sure I'll be back with more to fill you in on. But I am definitely looking forward to starting afresh next week. Hopefully this Louis Vuitton thing doesn't haunt me forever!

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