Tuesday, September 15, 2009

intern diaries: day one.

what an excellent day.
I arrived downtown early so I chilled and read in Starbucks for a bit, the HOT GUY was there. Then I went over to the building where my internship is and I got all signed in, went upstairs (ps: i hate elevators.. they make me feel so sick for like 10 secs). It took my boss lady (she's really lovely) a while to get out of a meeting so I ended up reading again, uncomfortably I might add, in the reception area haha. She finally came and showed me to my desk - YES I HAVE MY OWN DESK AND CUBICLE AND BIG MAC COMPUTER!! - and I met all the Editors, who were all beautiful and friendly and just overall lovely. I was taught how to sign into the computer, woo, and to the email. And as soon as I was settled, the beauty editor had me transcribe her interviews. I thought it would only take like.. a short amount of time. Three and a half hours later and I was done, my eyes burning, my stomach groaning like a hyena and my bladder bursting. All of those things though would just be attributed to my drive and motivation to get the project over with! After I FINALLY completed the transcribing (oh ya, for those who don't know, you listen to the interview and then type it out. simple, but time consuming) another editor had me put together gifts for certain readers who participated in one of their articles. I then had to fill out a bunch of forms and package these gifts. After I completed this task, I sort of ate.. a yogurt haha. It's not that they aren't giving me time to eat or anything like that, in fact one of the intimidating editor's (she has SUPER big eyes!) told me to take time and eat during my transcribing, but I just wanted to finish things, especially coz I felt like I was taking super duper long to type that thing out. I picked up some boxes from reception and put them in the merch room! That was exciting coz I didn't know where it was so I embarrassed myself a couple times putting the key in the wrong doors. Whatever, it was my first day. The last thing I did for the day was change the voicemail on the intern phone, which was a rather painful process as I am bad at talking on the phone and messed up the voicemail message so many times (and people were sitting so close so I felt self-concious!) and then when I finally had a good one, I DELETED IT!! ahhh! So I had to do three more tries to do it well again. Sheesh!

I already know there are some fancy jobs tomorrow, and I have to call a woman so she can teach me all about fact-checking! Yippee!! She seems super sweet though, considering she emailed me this lovely message all about how she was looking forward to working with me, etc, and she called but I missed it (Not sure how I did though). So overall I'm thrilled with how the day went. I can't wait for day two!!

Also, I just wrote a killer Journalism Critical Analysis and I really hope my prof loves it because I do, and it's sooooo different for me, so FINGERS CROSSED!!

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