Monday, November 30, 2009

i dream in sequins.

I am developing an unhealthy obsession with clothes.

My biggest fear in life is becoming LEGIT materialistic - as in the only things that I care about are my materials. I already am pretty materialistic but at least I still have other things that matter more than my clothes and gadgets (family, friends, pup, GOD). But after shopping with Jill on Saturday I couldn't even sleep because I was awake-dreaming about clothes and nail polish and leather leggings and bangles. AHHH.
Not to mention that my savings account is depleting all the time. And I just realized today is my last day of Metropass freedom for the 2009 year (which is probably a good thing for my bank account)!! This means I won't be able to go as many places, AND I will have to really think through how I use my money so I can afford to GET to necessary places like work.

Things will probably be better when I'm not interning anymore, because then I won't be going downtown 3 times a week and won't be around all the latest fashions and cosmetics and won't have a really solid reason to dress up everyday. (The part about dressing up though I will miss a lot.)

Yesterday at my friend Jill's church, the pastor asked us all to consider what we at times put in front of the gospel - aka what do we sometimes choose over God? My answer would definitely be Clothes. And that's not cool. Coz clothing is temporary and fabrics fade and become uncool and rip and thread and our bodies change shape and things don't fit anymore. Whereas God is constant and always awesome, never fading, always perfect, never tarnishes, never perishes, annnnnd He is waaay more affordable then excessive amounts of tights, skirts and headbands.

So that is my mission this month: get spending under control. Maybe I will build a budget plan. Sounds like a wise, mature, adult-like decision. I'll even make it in Excel and print it out - build graphs and stuff. That will make it even more fun!

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