Wednesday, December 2, 2009

intern diaries day 35.

I met the new EIC yesterday by chance. Originally I was going to have to make an appointment to meet him given that he's super busy, balancing one job as Art Director at one mag, as Editor-in-chief of this mag. I went to fill up my mug with hot water and he was standing right there at the sink so I just asked him if he was the new EIC, he said yes, I introduced myself, then made conversation about the balancing of both jobs and hinted at the drama-drama in the workplace. It was cool to have met him. Glad I took the initiative. Except when we walked past each other later he put his head down. I smiled at the top of his head. Whatever. People can be like that a lot here. But smiling makes the person who is making the facial expression more happy and also the recipient or viewer also feels happier, so I'll just keep smiling at everyone who refuses to make eye contact. Bring it.

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