Friday, January 15, 2010

dear self...

it has been too long since you last posted. but thanks for the facelift, now to start blogging again.

how about a change? since there's no more internship to talk about maybe you could start reading the news or doing something with your life aside from filling your time with eating chocolate, watching dawson's creek and refreshing twitter. maybe you could help better the world - that seems like a smart idea. and then you could write about it, and that's always more meaningful than a blog about a picture stolen from some other site.
or maybe not better but at least become more informed. quite frankly, it's embarrassing when you don't know what's happening in haiti at the moment. good thing you have lovely friends that are always on top of the news and what's going on in the world. it's also super nice they don't give you some name for being obnoxious like "cheese" or whatever. (haha)

it's great that you're knitting again (your scarf is SO long) and exercising more (although the amount of time spent on that could be increased) and good-on-you for walking to and from school many times everyday. now to focus on doing your schoolwork and eating better because, Allie, exercising won't do anything if you each several cookies right after! and also, I know you're really happy to actually be going out and doing things what seems to be like more often. this also helps you be creative so encourage your friends to do things. now that you're the one without the metropass others shouldn't be so hesitant to join you on field trips downtown because it's not like they have to fork out the $3 anymore haha.

oh one final thing, nice work on not spending money for like 2 weeks straight. your bank account isn't crying in it's vault. keep it up. think of the rewards - education, travel, comfort, not being a broke at 19 - and the relief of not constantly being worried about it. you're still dressed to the nine but without everything having to always be new.

great start to 2010. keep it up my friend!

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