Sunday, January 31, 2010

february 2010 resolutions.

even though it's one-day short of february, I'm going to make some resolutions - things I want to change/introduce/modify in my life.
this list will surely grow but for now I'm going to go with the one's that come to mind right now.

1. eat better
2. cook a meal twice a week (this is a huge leap for me)
3. be more creative
4. learn how to properly use camera
5. don't spend so much money randomly
6. save money
7. read the bible more often
8. help the world (recycle, volunteer, double-sided printing, save energy, unplug things, etc)
9. go skating at nathan phillips square successfully
10. work more hours
11. visit profs at office hours
12. do homework in advance and open books before attending class
13. play tourist: go to the r.o.m., science centre, cn tower, etc
14. take a bus somewhere/visit friends
15. exercise!
16. read the news more
17. go to concerts
18. clean the house more
19. go to bed before midnight
20. read books before falling asleep

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