Saturday, January 16, 2010

girl america.

this song is really the cry of my heart. although not necessarily a God/worship song it is obviously laced with the presence of having God in one's life. I always feel arrogant when talking about this, like the life I chose to live everyday because of my faith is superior to anyone else or makes me better than others. I know that it's the right way but I don't want to put others down along the way. This song is clearly about a girl, but not just an individual girl, it is representing the girl's of america, and it depicts the different situations and troubles that one may fall into. talking about how sex, drugs, alcohol, friends as bad influences are all driving her further away from what she is looking for - to fill the void - the void that can only be filled by God. she is searching for a father-figure, love, acceptance, and she won't find any of that in the arms of a man who only wants her for sex, or friends that don't care about her after she leaves the party.

last night I went to a kegger with my housemates and some school friends and it never ceases to surprise and amaze me how weird people are. like how badly they need alcohol to have a good time, how people act so dumb and annoyingly when they're drunk and how you can get away with anything if people think you're drunk. I have the whole acting semi-drunk thing down just to make friends randomly and not have to remember them or add them to facebook later (I ain't out there looking for the man of my dreams and I also don't expect to meet my bestest friend at a party. so in other words, those people, unless met outside the context of a party, don't really influence or impact my life at all) and I find it incredibly amusing to trick people into thinking that I'm under some influence just so they can find out I don't drink at all, then they're all confused and it's a good laugh for me - it also illustrates how alcohol is not needed to have a good time. plus I like to prank people a lot, or my new thing is I find an object, first was the angel, last night was a little bear magnet that says "work it", and I go around taking a series of pictures with it. it's so incredibly lame but the pics later are always a riot. I also count how many people a night tell me how "cool" it is that I don't drink, how they "respect that". it really bothers me that I always get that response. but it is much better than when people say "well I'll get you to drink". I don't think they really process the fact that I have resisted drinking for 19 yrs (well like 7 yrs coz before then I didn't know what alcohol was haha). ugh. anywho. I did have a lot of fun last night. there were a ton of people I had never seen before in my life and the guys that live in the house and hosted the party were really nice and fun and most people were in a good mood and I met some random (white!) boys.

read the lyrics. they're awesome. and as I said this is so the cry of my heart. I see this struggle all around me, all the time, that dissatisfaction, and well, I for one, can say I don't feel dissatisfied. I feel like I have so much more to live for and I live content and confident in knowing that now of this stuff matters, that the people that this matters too aren't the friends that are going to stick around forever.

My girl America is just a youth in this world
Her smile is more precious than the sparkle of pearls
And though her age reads she's just a young girl
The age behind her eyes show the pain that she's swirled
Through the hand that's been dealt though it's quiet as kept
The weight that she felt last night when she slept
And as she crept into the dreams of the things of her past
Seems to have grown so fast, way beyond her own class
Though they're right there with her, her brothers and her sisters
A natural born leader even when her peers dis her
My girl, she's at a crossroads, people praying for her
Some are preying on her magazine ads, sex, drama
Smoking marijuana, longer for a father to call her, 'daughter'
She's part of a generation longing for reconciliation
And this future that they're facing and this poison that they're tasting
My girl, I know this love you're chasing

My girl America's crying when she's lying on her bed at night
I can see that she's screaming when she's dreaming for her freedom
My girl America's dying while she's trying just to stop this fight
Don't stop believing, my girl America

Boys with hungry eyes have been beating her door
Telling her that's what she's for, trying to rob at her core
Then leave calling her a whore, but still she knows there's more
I know she knows there's more because there is a voice she can't ignore
'Cause it was founded in the foundations, from the day of her creation
In God we trust engraved on the treasures of her nation
And the void that the boys can't fill
With the tipping of the bottle or the popping of the pill

But still most of her friends don't care as they glare
Ready to drown down the funnel as they frown down the tunnel
They stumble and they tumble breaking down into rubble

My girl America, stop can't you see
It's not the circumstances that determine who you're gonna be
But how you deal with these problems and pains that come your way
It's for you that I pray with hope for a brighter day
And so I say, your deliverance is coming

Faith like a child from your first birth
You left it in the dirt on your worst hurt
And I see each tear and every scar
The hands that have held you where you are
And I can see we've strayed so far
A king born under that morning star
As a crown of thorns was placed to erase
Each tear that's touched your face
And his palms and sides were pierced with spears
He hung in love just to draw you near

My girl, out of this whole world
Can't you see this is where we started?

Listen to the song here.

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