Wednesday, February 10, 2010

anderson cooper: why i'm back in haiti.

Anderson Cooper 360: Why I'm back in Haiti:
"It's not the kind of misery that makes for headlines perhaps, and clearly it's not the kind of sorrow that demands a place on the nightly news, but it should.
There is more happening here than 10 American missionaries in jail. I guess I came to remind myself of that. No one deserves to die in silence, and no one's struggle to live should go unnoticed as well"

I love reading stories about Haiti. Is that weird? Well it shouldn't be because they're everywhere, but here's the thing, stories about Haiti don't represent just pain and devastation but absolutely the greatest opportunity for love, kindness, compassion, helping others and ultimately, God. Jesus. The creator of the Universe!
When people ask about God, often they want to know that if God is so loving and so good, why do bad things God's grace can be seen. Ya, obviously it's not the most ideal way - thousands of lifes gone, people missing, city in ruins - but, baby baby! think of the incredible woman who thought, even though she lost everything, the only logical thing for her to do was to take her equipment and training as a surgical nurse and go set up a makeshift clinic for those that have been turned away from hospitals. LOVE. (story here.) think about the person that was bringing water to a man stuck under the rubble of a store for 27 days! and survived! (amazing story here.) and those are only two examples! amazing things are happening because of this disaster, people are coming together, people are helping each other, they are showing kindness, these stories affect people! this disaster is such an excellent opportunity to create change, start fresh, build a stronger country and, the best part of it all, demonstrate God's love.

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