Monday, February 22, 2010

love letter to canada.

A Love Letter to Canada by Robin Esrock from Sympatico Travel - link here.
My first love letter lightheartedly identified modern icons of Canada, from yoga-stretching hippies on the West Coast to foot-thumping lobster chompers in the Maritimes. We have wolves and cougars and bears and moose, but our national animal is the beaver: industrious, capable, a bucktooth smile for teamwork. We embrace the outdoors, the big prairie sky, the Albertan Rockies, the Quebecois’ providing tenacious unity in diversity. Sports, science, comedians, writers – for a relatively small nation, we have had a relatively large impact on the world, even if sometimes we feel they don’t exactly notice.

My second love letter is a lot more personal. I love that I can drive on a highway for days, meeting friendly people along the way, chewing on eye candy throughout. I love that it’s safe, that politicians are called to task, that our much criticized medical system helps me every time I’m sick. I love conversations with immigrant taxi drivers and nurses and dock workers and computer scientists who work hard and have made great sacrifices to be here. I love drinking tap water. I love the efficiency of our transport system, the police, the phones, the Internet. I love that our Canadian teams are always the underdog. I love our beer and wine and fresh seafood and healthy beef. You can criticize everything I love, and sure there’s room for improvement, but compared to just about any other country on the planet, things could not get any better. And that, in the end, is Canada.

With these olympics, I have fallen back in love with Canada. Canada and I have been on an indefinite break since I went to Uni and had all these terrible, annoying things about Canada shoved down my throat and into my mind daily. It has been waaaay easier not having class and not constantly walking in an unfamiliar world. (I feel like this might sound racist but I don't mean it like that at all. I want to say that I love the diversity of Toronto and stuff - I have learned sooo much from it and have been inspired by it - and while there are many "immigrants"/"visible minorities" that embrace and accept and try to participate in whatever Canadian culture is, there are so many that never do. And because of this, "Canada" as I would understand it, based on how/where I've been raised, is not the "Canada" I am currently living in. And when I say "Canada", I'm obv not talking geographically, I'm speaking culturally. Like look around in the city, people don't even dress as patriotic as they do back home, that is a visual indication of the validity of my comment.)

Anyways, I needed this rejuvenation and reconnection with Canada. We're bros now, you know, friends, I think we can get back to the love. I told Canada I want to get back together, he said he needed a little time, he's currently PRETTY busy. Understandable.

I love Canada. I love being Canadian!

oh ya homeslices, got my gear! searched like 4 downtown The Bay's/HBC's and gave up after coming to the conclusion that NO, buying kids sizes would def not be worth the money seeing as it would never fit. I headed to the TNA store in Eaton Centre (the most amazing mall btw, I always have greaaat service there, and I hate malls so this is a pretty great compliment) and then had a lot of Canada garb to choose from. I settled on this black sweater with the Canada flag printed on it. It was on sale so even though it's not "official" olympic gear, it's still "Canadian"! Also got a phone case which I'm pretty excited about. All in all, goooood Canada-gear-shopping-excursion! Plus I have the gloves and the keychains from Vancity!


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