Monday, February 22, 2010

mtv audition!

Soooooooo today was my audition to be a friend (those people sitting on either sides of the hosts, seen in second photo above) on MTV's The After Show. Pretty much an awesome show so ya, I was pretty stoked about going. anyways, not sure it went great, but I'm feeling ok about it. Whatever happens happens. Let me tell you about it.

It all started because of Dan Levy's twitter. He tweeted that they would be looking for new after show friends, and to email this address. So I did just that asking for more info, but instead they emailed back and said you have an audition monday feb 22 at 1:30 be there! Woot. "Come prepared to talk about the hills, the city and any other celebrity news". So I prepared myself - watched 10 past episodes of the After Show, read Oceanup, read PerezHilton, just in general gathered knowledge about useless things like Heidi Montag's plastic surgery. Then today I trekked downtown, was there like an hour early so I looked around Bloor St Aritzia, The Bay, H&M, HMV, hung out in the Starbucks bathroom, etc until finally it was 1:15 and that would be an acceptable time to make my way over to the Masonic Temple aka MTV. Went in the Davenport entrance (opposite where I have gone before to be in the After Show audience) and there were like 5 other people already there, so I signed in with the desk, got a little sticker, and waited a little. Two people came up from downstairs and told us they would bring us down closer to 1:25. A few mins later a bunch of people came from downstairs and left (obviously the group before us) and then we were taken down and into a small room with couches and chairs. It was pretty awkward so while we were waiting for the interviewer(s) to come we chatted and introduced ourselves to each other. There were about 8 of us. Then two producers came in, the woman one seemed pretty tough and in a rush, the other, a guy, was foxy haha. She told us that they were going to ask a question and we would have to comment on it and to not speak over each other, etc. She asked about Tiger Woods' apology, Heidi Montag's surgeries, if Lindsay Lohan could ever make a comeback, Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston and Michael Phelps getting caught smoking weed. I didn't really get to say much - there were two girls who really dominated the conversation - but you know, maybe they will still see something in me and call me back for round two. I imagine that they went through a lot of people so there has to be a second round right?! How would you know who you want to put on tv based on 10 mins of time!? Just have to wait and see. I really want this, I think it would be so much fun and I think, given the opportunity, they would see, like my friends and family know, that I would be greaat for the role!! Maybe that opportunity passed, but hopefully not!!

I decided to go through my favourite interviews, particularly from Jessi who is just a riot! Below she interviews Taylor Lautner, Adam Lambert and - my favourite - she meets Anoop from American Idol. HILARIOUS! Enjoy!

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