Monday, February 15, 2010

olympics olympics olympics!

my cousin, shannon, is in vancouver right now for the olympics. she is a figure skater and she hangs with a lot of the olympic skaters so she's going to go see them perform on tues and thurs. i'm so excited for her and i'm so excited for all the events she's going to see. her mom and her are going to keep a blog and here's the link!!! check it out.

also, i bought me some olympic gloves but - boy oh boy - do i ever want to get more olympic gear. gotta rep my country!! yippee!!

go canada go!!!!

let's critique the opening ceremony though. they were a visual spectacular except people are now going to think that canadians are limited to being native, Leprechauns in plaid with painted faces playing the fiddle, abominable snowmen or people chillin' on the moon. there were so many strange things about the performances and although i didn't get to hear anything, I saw it, and some parts were sort of embarrassing. it really didn't represent the diversity of canada at all (remember how our entire identity is based on multiculturalism.............). but then thinking of this i have no idea how else canada could have represented itself. anyways, it was just sort of frustrating given my education and what i learned about native representations from my native lit class. that prof would be piiiiiiissed! what I did love though was the stage with the maple leaves! and i loved the nikki girl singing the national anthem, i was so jealous, i wanted to be her (she looked adorable!). k.d. lang's singing was crazy (dad's fave part though, so I assume it was good, she just looked freaky). nelly and bryan looked like they were lip-synching. some people seem to think these olympics will bring canada together. i hope that is the case but given all that i have been learning about diversity, immigration, multiculturalism, etc, I don't really think that it will. regardless, these games are exciting! and i love the fact that the tsn and ctv stations are right by my work because knowing that regular customers are out in vancouver reporting on the games and that people the people broadcasting the events to the world are next door, make this soooo much mroe exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

link to amazing photos from the boston big picture of the olympic opening ceremony!!

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