Saturday, February 20, 2010


the olympics are making me cry cry cry. especially the updated ctv olympic commercials featuring the medalists, particularly the bilodeau's. frederic - alex's brother who has cerebral palsy - is seen numerous times in the video and his story, the story of the bilodeau's, is just beautiful (read it here).

also, my always favourite photo site, boston's big picture, has put up a bunch of spectacular photos for the olympics. here are my faves:

check out more of these incredible pictures here.

being home makes me feel even more canadian. in the city I feel like I live in another country. it's definitely the wrong way to feel and yes, if we're being honest here, it has a lot to do with visible minorities. canada has turned into their country in the cities, it's not the canada I know. my canada is kids playing hockey, snow on the ground, bundled up in 10 layers of clothing even in june, swiss chalet, people who cut you off in the food court but still make an effort to apologize for their mistake, tim hortons coffee (especially at the hockey game), olympic morning with all my favourite faces from ctv, tsn, mtv, red mittens, toques, people saying "eh?" and not just because of a language barrier, familiar faces, and so so so much more. I like having the other side of canada too but they are two different worlds in a lot of ways.
well the olympics makes me all proud and emotional and as I said I have been crying the whole time watching it hahaha, so beautiful, so proud of the athletes for themselves, their families, their time, efforts, money and because their dreams are coming true! amazing!!!

also, I love olympic morning on ctv. it's hilarious. and the tsn guys (aka my future boyfriends) are a riot as well as daryn jones (who is never a let down) and dan and jessi from mtv, they are all too funny. I hoep they're on tomorrow as well. this morning daryn asked reggy bush if he would be part of a double luge team with him.

bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha. who knew this sport existed!? how embarrassing! so funny.

and then I also found the tsn guys on twitter, and I guess they have a running joke with a producer from tsn, "producer tim", that he is "[Jay] Onrait and [Dan] O'Toole['s] Ringleader/babysitter" - their tweets about/to each other are hilarious!!

here are their twitters:
jay onrait
dan o'toole
james duthie
producer tim

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