Monday, February 15, 2010

post -vday.. post.

well well well my dear friends, yesterday was valentines day (in case you missed it). i had a great day. and no, no boy was involved. just pure love, and joy, and just being happy.

i do not care much for valentine's but i think the day is an adorable opportunity to do something sweet for your loved one(s) (it also gives people a good excuse to make a move... just sayin'). a lot of people state that they hate the "holiday" because it leaves out singles or because it's a made-up day or because you should do nice things for your significant others all the time, and while I agree with all of these statements, I would argue against all of these as well.

1. valentine's leaves out singles - ok, sure. vday is hyped to be all about gettin' action and being with your bf/gf, respectively. but nowadays i think vday is a lot more about love than just sex and couples. and on top of that, it's about cliches. flowers, chocolates, date nights, sex, hearts, candy, roses, etc. i worked yesterday morning and it's starbucks so once lunch time hit the place was jam-packed with couples and families. and all morning people came in and picked up two drinks. i was just lovin on all the couples sharing their day's together. as a single person, i wasn't wallowing in my own self-pity, i was livin vicariously though others and also super aware of how blessed i am to be loved. maybe no one bought me flowers, but that day will come, until then i'm not going to go cry about it.

2. it's a made-up holiday - props to halmark (or whoever) created the day. super sweet marketing, advertising, whatever. whoever thought valentine's day up as it is now, rock on. slightly genius. hopefully they're making a massive cut from valentine's day related sales lol.

3. you shouldn't need a holiday to do something nice for your loved ones - yes, you should. not everyone is good at acknowledging or appreciating their loved ones. if valentine's didn't exist I'm sure most of those spouses would be working, or just going through daily routine. realistically, how many husbands really bring home flowers randomly for their wives? or how often do married couples with kids really get time for date night? vday gives people a reminder to do something nice for their lovers and forces people to have to think of doing something nice for those special people in their lives. plus, it's adorable what people do. it makes cheesy things seem less cheesy. and who doesn't want to be treated nicely. pleaaase. having a designated day that makes people do nice things for their lovers is totally necessary and lovely and it's just a great idea.

now all you single people, stop being bitter. you're romantical couples valentine day will come. in the meantime, buy some chocolates, have dinner with your family (they have to love you!), watch a little Romeo & Juilet and cuddle with your pet. that's what I did, and I would say, pretty lovely vday :)

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