Thursday, February 18, 2010

reading week.

it's been a nice little week of vacation time for me and my fellow university students. I finished my lone midterm last monday so I have been working on nothing this whole time - it's been sweet. instead of filled my time with the following:

beginning last friday I worked in the morning then set off in the afternoon downtown to catch a bus to london with stephanie (my cousin adam's gf) for her cousin, my friend, sarah's birthday surprise! we had a great ride down, lots of laughs, it was awesome to hang out with her, had a great time. we got to london and arrived at the house where a bunch of my old high school friends already were. it was a little chaotic organizing the boys who were coming late and figuring out when and how to get the birthday girl to the house without seeming too obvious. well everything worked out. it was a wild night, sarah was super surprised to see lots of faces she hasn't seen in a while. everyone got pretty drunk except for steph and I but we turned on the olympic opening ceremony and watched (not listened) to it while people in the kitchen played messy games of strip flip cup and other random stuff... that was all very entertaining. thank goodness steph was there though or I would have felt insanely out-of-place. her and I had a blast together though. the other people there really destroyed the place though which was unfortunate considering they are all supposed to be really good friends. thought they would be a little more respectful of another person's home. that really stressed out julie (sarah's friend who planned the event) and sarah - understandably. well the fun didn't end there. once the party died down, some of the girls and I went to mcdonald's for a little late night snack. when we got there all the boys were there (like 8 guys) and just as we stepped in the door those 8 guys tried to start fights with some other strangers in the mcd's. it was crazy embarrassing. the older woman/cashier was all "testosterone and alcohol don't mix well" but I don't really think that's a very accurate excuse. I just said to her "I'm so glad I don't know them" hahahaa - only spent 4 yrs of my life with them! well that was extremely eventful. the boys took their fighting out into the parking lot, other guys joined, police came but the boys had left by then, steph and I just ate in peace lol. (thank goodness for steph once again!). her and I cleaned the majority of the mess which was a pretty decent gift if I do say so myself.
saturday morning both mom's came (stephanie's and sarah's) and they took their daughters and I out for breakfast. steph and sarah took me to the bus terminal and I rode home to toronto. I did a little shop-shopping - bought an adorable dress at urban outfitters with studded shoulders! - then went home to an "empty" house (minus that the smelly man upstairs was around). hung out in my room all night til sunday morning when I went to work where lots of couples were enjoying the company of each other and warm beverages, i was in a brilliant mood so the monring was awesome. after work mommabear came and picked me up with my lovely pup, minnie, and took me home! that night we went to collingwood to go out to dinner with two of my mom's brothers and one of their wives. it was a very nice night. my mom was super hyper and she was being crazy but my dad was totally on the ball, cracking jokes and stuff. pour example: the restuarant brought out a MASSIVE floral arrangement for an older woman who was with her man and obviously the man carried this massive thing out of the restuarant and my dad said "isn't that embarrassing that she bought him flowers?" hahaha. then he went on a rampage about how the best flowers are free one's from the funeral home hahaha. love him!

monday my dad's sisters came from port elgin and had dinner. it was nice to see them. after lunch i hung out with mark which was... interesting. pretty unnecessarily complicated relationship there. mark needs to figure out how he wants to treat me. sometimes we're bff, sometimes we're more than friends, sometimes we're only part-time friends. any way it is, it's extremely confusing. well we had a nice little coffee conversation. after that hangout, I went home, enjoyed the olympics and some valentine chocolate eating with phil before ryan came to pick me up and take me back to his place where we continued to watch the olympics with his family and after they left we jammed and recorded a couple songs. wasn't a very successful night but we'll just have to do it again!

tuesday morning my dad and I went out for lunch at william's coffee pub. I had been craving waffles all week after shannon's waffle twitpic so I finally got them chocolate & caramel style! dad once again was hilarious. at williams they give you metal stands with a number on it and after I sat down and he paid he came looking for me with the metal stand on his head saying "senior golfer" (I guess on golf carts for seniors or the disabled they have special flags and that's what he was pretending to be haha). we had a lovely time before running some errands at sobey's, costco, water depot and then proceeding to scarborough to take me home (drop my stuff off) and then to work.

wednesday was an exciting day because I finally got to go to that photoshoot I have been looking forward to from my internship. it was a super lousy day weather-wise but I went downtown, found the studio ok (such a cool building though, just like studios you see on tv/in the movies). walked into the studio of photographer genevieve caron (view her site and incredible photography here.) and there were two of the editors, a very cute male assistant, a random model waiting her turn on the couch, an adorably pregnant photographer and a very naked, bronzed up model. her name was bayan and she was modelling for a story about self-tanner. I was very impressed by how well she understood how to move and position her body. of course her body was perfect! but then of course the editors and everyone nick-picked it like she wasn't even there - which she was. that made me feel horrible, just for her to have to hear "oh her arm looks big down at her side" or stupid stuff like that. I guess if you're a model you have to deal with that a lot but I felt bad for being there and sort of condoning it. as fascinating as it was, it's all so shallow. I used to love the idea of working at a magazine but I think it's all too superficial for where I am at today. I'm not interested in telling people what to change, how to LOOK better, I just want to encourage people, make them feel good about themselves. after they had the shots they wanted for the self-tanner spread, they moved onto the model on the couch who was modelling feet for a story on diy pedicures. not too sure why her feet were so exceptional (the editors and photog also joked negatively about bayan's feet but I don't know what was wrong with them...) but anyways, pictures were only taken of her feet so that wasn't too exciting. it was very interesting and I would like to explore photography more but preferably in a less shallow context. a nice bonus of the whole experience was the cute assistant boy. we chatted it up, but I should have asked how he got his job because I would be interested in interning and learning more about photography from a professional! after the photoshoot I rushed back to the ghetto to go to work. nothing special there.

thursday was another exciting day. at 2:30 I went down to the urbanpromise offices and met tim there. he took me to warden woods, a gov't housing neighbourhood in scarborough. we drove around the streets checking out the less-than-appealing homes, run-down and bleak. then we went to the equally run-down and bleak school that the kids would be coming from to the after-school camp we were attending. unlike at the other two urbanpromise camps in toronto, from this school, the interns/leaders of urbanpromise have to pick up and take the kids on the ttc to the church were they hold the activities. as tim and I were waiting in the parking lot all the interns came off the bus so we joined them inside the school. I met some of the interns (two boys, one from ireland, the other from germany), the other had gone to the bathroom. the school was let out and we met the kids in the hall and in the school yard. we then went and waited at the bus stop to take them to the church. tim offered to drive me but by then two girls in particular had taken a liking to me (and I to them) so I wanted to go on the bus and get the real experience. it was like a 10 min ride before we arrived at our stop. the girls and I talked about what my nickname would be and our common liking of the jobros on the bus. they were so cute and made me feel really welcome by just being adorable. the kids ditched their jackets and backpacks in rooms then proceeded downstairs for snack time. this consisted of 30 mins of waiting for the kids to be quiet. I was surprised they didn't have a better system for quieting the kids down like we do at day camp with quiet coyote or 3,2,1,zip! I mentioned these to the supervisor so maybe they will help her out in the future. after all that time they had to cancel their "projects" for the day which are activities that the kids can do like dancing, crafts, survival skills, etc. after snack time (which was a lot of taking more cookies than you were allowed and children fighting, yelling at each other "you had three cookies!!!") the kids went into their age groups and worked on crafts of homework and then did a bible study thing. as chaotic as it was, the kids just stole my heart. there was one girl in particular who was so eager to say all the prayers, answer every question and who was the first to connect with me (she ran up to me and said "you're pretty!"; she was also the one to give me my nickname - which is purple by the way, because I wore my purple sneakers and a purple shirt haa). I want to go back just for her. I want to see her do amazing things in life. she is adorable and even though I don't know her story, I wonder if she's broken. I wonder if things are bad for her, could I help her? make her feel better about life if that's what she needs? most of these kids come from unstable, attention-deprived, broken families and homes and that just kills me. I know that if I didn't have the love and support of my parents in everything I would be a completely different person. I never want to know what it would be like to not have that. I was on such a high from this experience and I definitely want to go back for the kids. they were amazing. I have never done or gone anywhere like that and it was incredible. tim has big plans for me (he wants me to possible write some articles for their newsletters and take photos for the org!!) and I hope to make these visits pretty regular so the kids know I am dependable and consistent which is probably more than what they get at home in most cases. such beautiful lives there. I can see that the work of urbanpromise and those interns can really transform those lives and I want to be apart of that!

friday has not happened yet, but I work in the morning with some of my favourite people. after work I will be going downtown to see (one of) my favourite cousin(s) and steph, def my favourite cousin's-gf, and then if ryan doesn't show up (nooooo idea what's happening there, pretty annoyed about that) I'll just bus it home because I don't work again this weekend so why hang around doing nothing?

monday is my audition with mtv to be an aftershow friend! I want the job so badly, that would be extremely fun! fingers crossed I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lovin' life! so many amazing things happening as always. 2010 has been and will continue to be an incredible year of great change, challenge and stretching myself!

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