Monday, March 15, 2010

grilled cheese burger.

my sister posts a lot about food (she really enjoys cooking) (...hi kate) and this whole week i have been really eager to cook (so new for me). i made crepes, i made failed sweet potatoes, i made that spinachprosciutto thing, and today i made grilled cheese burgers from katie lee that my sis posted on fb.

here's the whole nytimes article and little video of the recipe. yum yum yum.

it was amazing. not so much in the category of being healthy and light, low in cals, or whatever, but hey, if i'm cooking something, that's far better than eating a few granola bars and calling it dinner (coz you knnnowww it's not just a couple granola bars, it's food all night long then).

this was my first time making burgers and they turned out wonderfully! i just put some garlic salt and some cheese in them (i can never get enough cheese, nom nom nom). then i fried that bad boy up. the first one i made was a little too fat and a little too small so my housemate ate it instead. the second was much better (first the worst, second the best? third the one with the hairy chest... not looking to try a third time ha!). so once again i'm pretty proud of myself. my housemates are also pretty proud. so proud in fact that fatima made me a "trading card" of myself (lawl) and it says, under hobbies, "jobros, blogging, making mediocre meals" ahha. they know me too well.

got beef?

it looks kind of gnarly in pictures haha..
finished product. 

pretty super satisfied right now. yay! for another successful meal!

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