Monday, March 15, 2010

i heart the jobros.

for months, years maybe, i have been defending the jonas brothers to my friends. they say that they don't act like role models and that they aren't christians. they say this because during some interview they were asking their beliefs and the jobros chose not to comment. i say, yes, they are christians but they are sick of being the butt of every joke. friends rebuttal: as christians we are told to be persecuted in our faith. while that is correct, i'm sure the jokes about the purity rings got old pretty fast, why constantly have to deal with that when really that's no one elses business what you are (or, in this case, aren't) doing in the bedroom. it's not. that decision was and remains a personal decision so if people want to make fun of it, they will do so, but why do they need to keep talking about it. they don't. so i'm siding with the jonas brothers. i agree that, even though being in the media is an excellent opportunity to tell others about god, i think in many ways they are living out their lives as christians.

this video helped the argumentative friends see my side. that just because they weren't out there constantly talking about god doesn't mean they aren't trying to live in a way pleasing to christ.

i'm proud of "my boys" for doing this little interview. i think it really shows their true character and it's a huge reason why i listen to them (that, and i'm a sucker for pop music and good performers!)


  1. I'm sorry to say this Allie, but Justin Bieber is the new (Christian) teen heart-throb. Jo Bros are so two-thousand and late.

  2. well well well AJ, I would say that Justin Bieber still has a lot to prove in the role model department. We call see thanks to his twitter that he's a total ladies-man. But does he really have what it takes to (1) have a career post-puberty and (2) not become a windin' and grindin' gangster like those he hangs out with, ie: Drake, Ludacris, Sean Kingston, etc.


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