Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i've got bieber fever!

really part of me is embarrassed to admit this but, boy oh boy, the kid is cute. and as pathetic as his songs are (holla boy, she's not the only girl for you. you're 15!!) they are catchy and wonderful and boy can actually sing! way more than you can say for most other 15 year old "singing sensations".

i do want to share one thing that will forever resound in my mind as hilarious. last week bieber was doing his usual thing on twitter, retweeting his tweethearts, flirting back, promoting himself, when he retweeted one girls comment where she said, "OMFG. JUSTIN BIEBER'S VOICE CHANGED. That's amazing. i nearly died. only because i have always said that homeboy only has a career until he hits puberty. well clearly this girl picked up on the fact that he is going through a natural stage of life where his voice changes from *sayinhighpitchvoice* pretty falsetto range to *sayinlowmanlyvoice* grown-up man voice. if bieber can cross over this barrier, get past the natural and "unpretty" physical and vocal changes, boy can be more than just a child star. just because he's young and cute and he reminds me of my buddies and because i just want kids to succeed mostly, i hope he can make it happen.

as jokes as this video is, i can't stop singing this song!!! ahhh frig he's cute. *insert heart flutter here*

realtalkz biebs: avoid crack, remain abstinent, treat women nicely, and don't forget the important things in life ie: family, hometown, God!

i believe in you bieber!


  1. Don't you think he looks like a chick? I could see Ellen dating someone like him.

  2. True! In fact, he looks like Ellen herself!


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