Friday, March 5, 2010

minnie love.

my dear minnie, the sweetest pup you ever did see. she's my perma-model. at school I take a total of zero pictures a month. when i go home i go on a photo-taking-extravaganza and who better to model than a dog who just wants to hang out with me, my little shadow. she's so adorable.

in a month and 4 days it will be the 1 year anniversary of diamond's death. diamond was the first pet I ever had. She taught our whole family to love even more, she brought us together, she was easily my first love. she just captured all our hearts and the hearts of our friends and other family members. her death rocked my world. i had never gone through anything painful like that before. i totally learned so much about life, love, myself from the experience. it's nothing like the pain other people have felt before, but i will always remember the phone call at work, dad picking me up and the drive to barrie, at the intersection behind my house seeing my mom and brother, mom screaming she's gone in the shopper's parking lot, unable to see through tears walking through the emergency pet clinic, and holding diamond's warm, dead body for the last time, having just missed her last moments of life. as painful as all that is it has definitely made me stronger and more faithful. i'm sure it's nothing compared to other people's pain but that was the worst for me. i learned through it all that i can't pull away from god. as upset as i was at him for taking away my beautiful dog i knew that it was satan testing my faith. that void will always be there, even though, 2 weeks later, as I was moving home for the summer, my family got another dog, minnie, who looks for the most part exactly like diamond. but thinner. muuuuch thinner. 

it's hard now to differentiate them. in my mind they are now the same, but there is something minnie will never be able to take away from diamond. diamond will always be the dog that taught our family that we could love even more than we thought possible. taught us how to care and really united us. while sometimes we expect her to act just like diamond - crazy smart, quiet, strong, burrowing - she is just different enough to remind us that they aren't the same and that helps us to appreciate what diamond was.

this post wasn't meant to be sad (yet somehow I have managed to use up four pieces of kleenex) but it felt really good to write that. it was hard getting a new dog without having really reconciled that the other was gone. i really rejected minnie at first because of it. but now i love her. not really in the same crazy way that i did with diamond but she is constantly vying for my attention and i love her for the silly ways she always wants to play, how she just loves to cuddle, how she never burrows instead just shivers on top of the covers, for the way she cocks her head when you talk to her, how she is so predictable. she's a sweet dog and i am so thankful that she is in our lives.

this was our first day with minnie. her and phil playing in the kitchen.
when we got minnie she was on her doggie-period and had to wear a diaper but she was so thin it didn't stay. on so we didn't bother with it, just wiped up after her instead (tmi, I'm sorry ahha). she was so humiliated. her embarrassment was really friggin' adorable.
second day and already she can't get enough of phil!
toys, toys, toys!
twelve days in and i admit i like her a lot already.
we spend a lot of time in bed together ;)
minnie and minnie, get it?
minnie watching the dog's on the dog whisperer
see, model.
lying in the sun (on the couch she's not supposed to be on, shhhh!)

wow, the resolution looks really terrible. that's disappointing.


  1. My family has had dogs all my life and they are all special and unique. There's just something about them that makes you fall in love with them, no matter how crazy they can be.


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