Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my day trip to asia.

that's right. i visited all of asia in one day.
thank you t&t asian supermarket.

today after work, jerico and i went to t&t because he needed excessive amounts of apple tea and, well, he offered to drive me home and i too needed bread and milk (the diet of champions!).

it was quite the cultural experience. i played tourist and took many pictures (obv... it's me) and it was just fascinating. all the colours, all the different products, smells, ..sounds. i mean i personally think a lot of what they sell is kind of gross, especially the meat, but i'm just a sketchy eater anyways. regardless, i thought i'd share my pics coz it's like whole other world and it's just a supermarket! no wonder my mom always makes it a point to visit grocery stores when we travel, they're amazing.

also, quote highlight from the day:

allie: why would anyone buy maple from an asian supermarket when you're in canada?
jerico: well, asian maple is different; it tastes like dragons


sweet baskets haha
wall of asian juice/pop (also, note staple "asian" peace sign)
hella amazing, the pop has a picture of picatchu on it!
filipino food. jerico's filipino!
wow, now i want fish so badly... nawt. i hate fish.
the noodle aisle. yes, all of those containers on the right are of noodles!
noodles in every colour!!!
orange and green milk?
a dim sum counter. snazzy.
quail eggs, apparently delicious in salads.
just roasting some pigs.
purple steamed buns (the colour's off thanks to my cam & store's fluorescent lighting)
chicken legs, nbd. jbabes said they taste like chicken wings... 
jbabes is a strange fellow. he seat belts his purchases in (rather smart though considering they almost fell several times).

well that concludes our photo adventure through the asian supermarket. pretty wonderful. i wonder what store next will transport me to a new place!


  1. the marble pop is the best!!! even better mixed with juice and vodka! =)

  2. you are so cute allie! P.S. I found your blog from FB


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