Friday, March 5, 2010

my favourite blogs.

lately I have been obsessed with blogs. I am fascinated by the not-so-scret online world and how everyone can be connected through the internet (and how you can come to know so much about someone just from the world wide web). I'm a pretty nosy person one might say so after discovering a couple cute personal blogs I just went on a rampage looking for even more. plus there are a ton of fashion bloggers out there really making an impact in the fasion industry and I am fascinated by the way they are taking over the front rows of major shows and are really transforming the way fashion is viewed and marketed. here I have compiled a list of a bunch of my favourite blogs. personal blogs, photo blogs, fashion blogs, celebrity blogs, etc.

  • the rockstar diaries: an adorable blog. she often talks for her dog, which is my favourite. cute pictures. positive stories. really lovely.
  • the sassy curmedgeon: probably my favourite blog (we're also twitter friends!). I don't know the blogger's name (update: just found out it's una) but boy is she a riot!
  • oh hello friend, you are loved: lots and lots of pretty things - pretty packages, pretty sets, pretty pictures.
  • my inflammatory writ: I laugh.
  • cupcakes and cashmere: blogger emily dabbles in streetstyle, how to's, photography and food.
  • hipstercrite: i just found this blog like 5 minutes ago but it won me over with it's post "twelve ways to boost your blog's traffic (without having to get naked)". very helpful post. I'm excited to read more!
  • sea of shoes: this style blog was one of the first I begin reading. blogger jane models her own clothing and she has really made a name for herself in the fashion and online worlds.
  • bethany dillon's blog: she's a song writer, a Christian and preggers. such a cute blog and look into her life and relationship with God.
  • jill mccloghry's blog" jill is a worship leader at hillsong church and she went through the death of her baby two years ago, her blog is about her heartbreak and about her faith. i cry almost everytime i read it (although she doesn't update very often). her positive outlook through her hardships is encouraging and beautiful and through her reflections I too see the incredible power and beauty of our Lord. (also watch her amazing testimony here. have a box of tissues handy.)
  • jakandjil: fashion photographer tommyton, who takes pictures for flare magazine, had a great blog dedicated to fashion and various people in fashion. i love the simplicity of it.
  • garance dore: french fashion blogger. she also seems like an adorable woman. (kasia thinks I write like her. I take that as a compliment wifey.)
  • hanneli: another fashion blogger/ streetstyle photog (they're everywhere!).
  • we live young: photographer nirrimi is a talented teenager and this is her photo blog. love her work even though it is pretty promiscuous at times.
  • bryanboy: major fashion blogger bryanboy. insider stuff.
  • stockholm streetstyle: street style in stockholm.. what's not to get? I love seeing the way people dress. great photographs.
  • madame lamb: just a random blog that has some cool stuff sometimes.
  • kristy's blog: my bffl, kristy, is in england on a mission trip and this is her blog about her adventures (although she doesn't blog very often... busy gal).
  • alyssa's blog: my alyssa is in hawaii on a missions trip and this is her blog about her adventures. pretty great pictures as well!
  • shannon's blog: my twitter friend and favourite second-cousin shannon's blog. expect lots about skating as she's kind of super talented.
  • aj the wonderblog: my buddy aj from the christian radio station in barrie has a blog (this one). he and I have been bonding recently over mtv's the buried life, group therapy thursdays, new good music, and, the best of them all, commenting on each other's blogs. so here's to you aj!

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