Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new music: "hand grenade" by the almost.

I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.
- Psalm 119:32

this song is so beautiful. like with every song i just hear the metaphors and calling out to god. i really believe the singer of this song is asking to understand the purpose of their life, and while they are worried they are missing it, they are handing it over to someone more in control. if you're an ocean, i'm going to dive right in. if you're a hand grenade, then i'll pull the pin. i think this line in particular is saying whether the plan is to be completely washed up and consumed by the purpose, by God perhaps, or if it is to be a partner in something... to pull the pin. the hand grenade suggests distruction but from all my years in christian schools, christian churches, i would suggest that this hand grenade represents radical change. i don't know where writer and lead singer aaron gillespie stands in his relationship with christ but he does sing about god a lot so i'm hoping that most of his lyrics and his morals are reflective of his beliefs as well.
i also think this song has a lot to do with youth (obviously THAT is noted with the first line, oh to be young) and i think in that way, this song is calling out to young people to find their purpose in christ. as i have talked a lot about before, it's so easy to make bad decisions in high school in particular, the real years of youth, and so often that is also the time when god and faith gets pushed to the side or neglected.
it is scary giving your life over to god, to let go of control, to trust him to guide you in the way you need to be guided, but oh man! is it ever rewarding. i have to constantly remind myself that things are not in my control and that i don't want them to be in my control. for everything is perfect in god, and i want to be led on the most perfect path, the path he has chosen for me. how friggin cool!

Please let me find you, please let me know just what you want. Please let me see what you need me to be

that is taking words from psalm 119:32, the verse I posted at the top - "I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free."

*sigh* i love this song. i'm going to go lie in bed and listen to it on repeat.

another song i would definitely suggest you listen to is "amazing because it is" also by the almost. here's lead singer aaron gillespie performing it in a best buy. sound quality isn't awesome but the song is. that should be reason enough to listen.

oh man and while we're at it, here's an acoustic version of "hands". rockin' song!


  1. Are you president of THE ALMOST fan club?

  2. wow, did you not get the memo!? what kind of music guy are you!?

    (but really, i just love their stuff <3)


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