Saturday, March 13, 2010

nom nom nom.

look what i just made! crepes!
while talking to kristy on skype she told me that her and her host grandma made crepes, i was immediately struck with the absolute need to have some myself. so i looked up the recipe, found this one, saw i had all the ingredients and set to work making it.

the first one i made was too thick so i thought, instead of being disappointed with it, i'm going to try again. so i did. the second try proved to have a better thickness, more appropriate for a crepe, so i ate that one. i cut up a few strawberries,a  banana, sprinkled some cinnamon and sugar over it before i started cooking the base so they would soften (everything's frozen in our fridge) and then when i put it all together i added some nesquick chocolate syrup for... chocolate and, ta-da!, legit crepes. so good. so proud that a recipe finally turned out for me.

i would also like to add this is my third time cooking this week. i also made sweet potato fries (fail... they took over 2 hrs and were gross) and this spinacheggproscuittocheese thing my sister posted on facebook. it was super salty so next time i'll have to find a way to make it sweeter.

gnarly sweet potatoes. yuck. and tried to make a dipping sauce with mayo & garlic salt and wow, it was gross too.

bought bacon because i love it. it was supposed to be maple flavour but i think they just added extra salt. it was so salty my eyes were burning.
something i actually did make right and would like to suggest to all of you...

during my afternoon classes (when most of my classes are) i always want to fall asleep. so now i never enter the classroom without some sort of beverage. my favourite edible invention is definitely starbucks via ready brew coffee. it's instant coffee except 100% natural and simply microground coffee. i put it in my hot chocolates everyday, etc, but this day i decided to make a cold bev seeing as it was 10 degrees outside (helllo summer!) so i mixed nesquick syrup, via and milk and made an iced mocha. it was delicious. except it used up all my milk. too bad haha. i'll get more today. pretty great idea though. via is awesome.

that concludes my week of being a cook. mostly unsuccessful but hey, i deserve props for stepping into that kitchen for more than just tea and bagels. woop woop.

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  1. Sweet potato fries are AMAZING!

    Send me the recipe for the Iced Mocha. I could use one of those for the night show.


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