Monday, March 1, 2010


what an excellent weekend at muskoka woods. from friday evening to sunday afternoon I was a leader with for emmanuel's annual youth retreat "snocamp". it's where a bunch of different churches come together up north, sleep in nice "cabins", compete in sports like volleyball, basketball, etc (if you want), snowshoe, cross-country ski, skateboard, and various other sports. it's usually the same schedule. though I'd photoblog it up since I have not yest returned to the distracting world of facebook (even though I find blogging even more distracting haha).

friday we left from willow creek church in midhurst, 2 hr drive to muskoka woods, arrive, find room, unpack, explore, I went to a leader's meeting while my girls did whatever, they played the slovakia vs canada hockey game on the big screen in the hanger. after the meeting there was session which consists of games, worship (with article one!!), and a message from the speaker (speaker this time around was rob cripps from a church in toronto). he talked about "going" - go was the theme for the weekend. after a few hours of session, they played the last bit of the olympic hockey game and that took us past 1am which was curfew, so we went back to our rooms and got cleaned up, and went to bed (worst sleep of my life. forgot to mention that by this point I had been up for 22 hrs. that's what I get for waking up at 4:30am to open at work).

saturday emmanuel's female leaders woke up early thinking there was a meeting in the boathouse, but there wasn't, so we just chatted and looked out at the water. we had second breakfast so we met our "kids" in the mess hall, chowed down, and after breakfast there was morning session. rob talked about how faith is not containable - "true faith is uncontainable. when we have Christ come into our life, we cannot contain it. if we can. it wasn't God that came into our life." he talked a lot about being transformed and loving. some passages he chose were galatians 5:1-15 ("this passage should change your life"), ephesians 6 (armor of God), and matthew 22:9 ("love your neighbour as yourself"). indulge in love. don't go and do nothing. it was a very good talk. after session there were auditions for the talent show so I went with connory and others to watch (he was auditioning) and I brought my homework coz I'm cool like that. it was during this time I found out that there was a tsunami warning in hawaii so i freaked out quite a bit because my bffl is there and that's friggin scary man. there were a few good performances: connory juggled and mikhaela danced. after auditions there was lunch. after lunch everyone went to different activities they signed up for. that took us to the skateboard "warehouse" - as I like to call it - and then rollerskating which was pretty fun! there was lots of falling (not by me though, woop woop!) and fake ice dancing, but it was gts. snocamp's got talent (the talent show) took place at 4pm, before dinner. poor mikhaela didn't have a very good surface to dance on and sort of slipped and hit her foot off the band's equiptment. not glamourous. connory juggled to a really great song by a band I don't remember. he did a good job and I think the judges (article one band members) really enjoyed it. I know all of us did (he also had many groupies after his performance so I think overall it went pretty well ahha). after dinner was session (rob talked about the parable of the sower - how accepting jesus into your heart is not just done through prayer but you must also read the Word and know scripture. "you cannot stand firm if you don't have roots". matthew 18:18-22 "give up everything and follow jesus") usually saturday night's at these things are crying nights but it wasn't really that emotional. some people were really affected by rob's talk but my girls were sort of bored by it? we went back to our rooms after and just chatted. the group got smaller, and then emotions started coming out. another leader, of the girls and I had a little (much-neede) therapy session and it was really good. i think some hearts were softened. the article one concert followed, that was great. it was my 8th time seeing article one. they remember me everytime so that's pretty special. I was hamming it up with the lead singer nathan (flirting really). that was a lot of fun and he kept looking at me during the performance because I knew all the words and kept giving him thumbs up. when the concert ended kat, connory and I waited for the crowd to go away to go talk and get pictures taken with the band. we left there and as kat and I were going to our room, snowballs were thrown our way. turns out the band were staying in the cabin beside our place and they were throwing snowballs at us! an epic snowball then took place with the bassist, drummer, and violinist. it involved a lot of climbing up the balcony to avoid their shots, running behind their van (the violinist got me there and I fell over, very graceful!). it was soo funny. of course I didn't get any of them as I can't throw. whatever, made for a wild night.

sunday the leaders woke up for a real meeting in the boathouse, then was breakfast, followed by a final session. this time rob talked about the one thing Jesus reemphasized before he left. "go and make disciples of all nations" matthew 28:18. i really enjoyed this final talk and feel very encouraged to take it into my own life and live it. I think it's good that he didn't make it a big emotional weekend because emotions fade. he provided solid evidence and good, provoking thoughts that I think will last longer if the kids took anything away at all. after session we packed up and cleaned, had lunch, then packed our stuff into the buses and at 1pm we left to go back to barrie, hoping to make it before the big canada vs america game began. well we made it. and it was a great weekend.

reppin' canada hardcore. cheering on the canada vs slovakia game.

matching gloves, what a coincidence!

epic snowball fights with west park (rival church) turned pretty sour by the end of the weekend though...

huge snowman emmanuel kids made. later willow creek came, wrote their own name on it and got all the credit! new rivals!

peace signs haha

skateboard park - pretty grand!

laura and lydia being skateboard gangsters. hilarious.

fun times at the roller rink.

connory = future ice dancer.

mikhaela dancing at talent show.

connory juggling. definitely a star.

matt, violinist of article one


nathan, lead singer, and nolan, bassist of article one

hokey pokey!!! in a chicken outfit (right side, yellow blur)!

at the article one concert

meeting the band! (for the 8th time haha)

making a face, gah. with nathan. new buddy? lol

emmanuel youth, snocamp 2010!

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