Wednesday, April 14, 2010

dirty diana pt 1.

over the weekend i had my first roll of film from my mini diana lomography camera developed. it was sort of disappointing but it was my first roll, so lots to improve on (i threw out probably half of the pictures). i think from now on i will just shoot a whole in square format or in split screen, not rotating between the two because constantly changing the different sizes messed up the number of pictures i got and the development process.

here are the results and i'll give you a little dialogue of what you're looking at.

this is one of my faves. the day i got this camera i was comimg from downtown. i got all brave at the subway station and i whipped out my camera and took a picture of the oncoming subway. that's what that yellow stripe is in the middle. unfortunately i'm still a noob so i forgot to wind the film and the next picture i took - a mirror photo of me taking a picture - double exposed over the subway picture. turned out pretty cool though. there are 4 pictures going on in this one. two pictures of me, the subway and something else i can't identify.

this picture was taken mostly by adam after i bought the camera. we were on our way to yonge-dundas square for the earth hour celebration. we walked through some business mall to check if winners was open - it wasn't - but on the way out he took that picture of me. then i half wound the film and took a picture of the earth hour wishes (right) so they were half exposed over each other.

earth hour wishes.

two pictures of my dresser/wall double exposed.

my closet in split film. the previous picture exposed over on the left.

my dresser and my bookcase half exposed over each other and in split film.

my cute housemate fatima modelling the chocolates laura let her keep (gotta love it that she doesn't like sweets but her bf always gives her candy! we always get it!!) - half exposed and on split film.

just making colours look nice so i put together my white mug, green apple, red book, phone and glasses. split film.

one of my faves - my closet and a fragrance bottle

cute stuff! minnie and lexie playing together in the backyard, i had the cam on square format, then wound half way and took another picture of them sort of sitting nice for me (lexie was anyways)

phil playing with minnie and lexie in the backyard - not wound fully and on split film

minnie at her food, and minnie turning away from me haha - i need to work on steadying my hand.

the best the best! minnie and lexie kissing, wrestling, playing together - jackpot lomo shots!

now i knwo what to improve on - more light, steadier hand, etc. excited to get better and hopefully i'll be more satisfied with my new roll!

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