Thursday, April 1, 2010

jay onrait.

i have't really bothered keeping it a secret that i have a biiiiiig crush on jay onrait, personality from tsn and more famously in my heart, from olympic morning. he is the man. what a stone, cold fox (i hope he sees this). well him and his partner in crime, dan o'toole, are both on twitter sprees right now and i tweeted to my brother:

to which jay onrait responded:

so guess what i'm doing tomorrow!!! waking up early and watching sportscentre. boooooooo yah!!!

i love me some onrait. now if only he would come in and get that starbucks drink i offered him so long ago....

update: this night just keeps getting better and better!!

i think we're in love? hahaha twitter = bringing fans and sports casters together in joyous caffeine-fueled harmony!

as this conversation continues, i feel like i'm whoring myself out. and it feels so good!
i hope he actually does come in. i'll probably get an embarrassingly-girly case of giggles. or i'll be really hot and sweaty. and probably covered in a chai or milk explosion. or maybe it will be the perfect temperature and my hair will be pretty and my skin would be too greasy from leaning over the sanitizer and as imagined onrait will fall in love with me and be all "i'll come visit you everytime you work" to which i'll say "ok baby, follow me on twitter" bahahahahahahaa.

so sexual. see what this guy does to me. oh man he's such a riot. i have hearts coming out of my eyes. i hope he responds to me soon!!

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  1. I LOVE Onrait & O'Toole! Sportscentre is a daily routine for me.


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