Monday, April 5, 2010

summer goals.

reeling from my first sunburn of the year - so happy about my red chest and arms!! - i have decided to make a list of things that must be accomplished this summer. seeing as i finish school in 21 days, and that's even after 14 days of doing nothing but working, studying and being wild, i want these four months off to be filled with learning, fun and being productive. last summer was super super fun and while i'm not expecting this summer to be as enjoyable - fun summers only happen every other year - i still want to make something happen this summer.

i'm keeping this list to a manageable 15 items. these are life or death. complete or die. haha. i want to make sure i do/finish the things i have been thinking about and wanting to do for a while now. let the goal-making begin!!

summer goals:
  1. finally get g2!
  2. get a second job
  3. grow my nails long enough to get a manicure, no no, grow my nails so i can get multiple manicures & break the nail-biting habit
  4. get a sweet summer tan
  5. plan a few coffee houses
  6. made loads of mullah (aiming for min $4000+)
  7. volunteer or be a leader for something (camp, event, etc) this should not conflict with job(s)
  8. traveltraveltravel
  9. run/speedwalk (with minnie) many times a week (aka exercise)
  10. attend cnc (college and careers) regularly
  11. read minimum 10 books start to finish
  12. go camping (backyard camping does not count)
  13. see a few concerts ie: wonderjam, last min taylor swift/bieber tix perhaps
  14. learn to play the guitar & perform playing it before end of summer
  15. get a sweet ass tan & have fun!!
  16. bonus: buy a new dslr lens, if finances go as hoped for
highlights from summers past:

spandex shorts from the bargain shop! - downtown adventure 2007

human pyramids and late night hang outs 2007

mini putting/camp counselling, day camp 2007

vacationing with mom, part 1, italy, 2007

wild bonfires and running around farms, minesing 2009

hillsong concert, 2009

chilling 16 hrs in the sun to watch the jonas brothers, mmvas 2009

vacation with mom, part 2, british colombia, 2009

the ultimate summer photo, backyard camping, 2009

i'm so excited for the summertime!!

what are your goals for the summer? (comment below!)

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  1. well allie since no one has commented ill be the first :)

    my summer goals:
    * Get a job
    * Get black (tanning, no pigmintation change like mj)
    * photoshoots
    * camping with frineds
    * Excercies 3 times a week plus
    * hangout with allie spencer
    * learn how to 180 on a wakeboard



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