Thursday, April 15, 2010

thinking 'bout somethin'

i loveeeeee hanson. all time favourite band. and no this isn't one of my jobro obsessions, hanson's legit! have you heard their newest stuff? ie: the walk and underneath? it'll blow your mind it's so good. and some of my all-time favourite tunes come from those albums/these guys. my favourite songs are georgia and been there before, among others like hey, crazy beautiful, penny & me, strong enough to break, dancin' in the wind, love song, save me, get up and go, lost without each other, if only, this time around, fire on the mountain, blue sky, great divide and world's on fire.

oh sorry, did i just list every song from more than three of their albums? uh, ya, ya I did!

why do i love hanson so much? because their songs have meaning. and if you haven't really picked up on my like for that by now, you need to read this blog more often. boo ya!
they are passionate about causes like toms' walk - they walk barefoot through streets with hoards of people in order to raise money for shoes for people who don't have them. they travelled to africa to write and record and do important things before writing their album "the walk". they are all married to women who are not celebrities and they have sweet children with them. middle child, taylor, the one that sings the most on the songs, has four little tattertots. one is even named penelope whom i believe is the inspiration behind the song, penny & me.

these guys make great music. they have gone through a lot of ups and downs in their careers but they have a ton of loyal fans. i am one, and i'm going to make a fan out of you too!

a few days ago they released the video for their new single "thinking 'bout somethin'" and although it's most dancey and old-school sounding, it's fun, and, well, they can do no wrongs in my book. i will be buying their physical, hard-cased album because, yes, i love them that much (i really only do that for celine dion and the jonas brothers, so you gotta understand how much i dig 'em!)

and heck! this video is awesome! you can't tell me this video isn't awesome. you're wiggling your butt some place, i know it!!!

Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

HANSON | MySpace Music Videos

hanson, ftw!

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  1. I knew there was a reason I read your blog! Haha, totally just kidding about that. :)
    How much fun is that video? It's so silly and their dance moves make me laugh, but it's so them and it's just perfect for the song. Yay for Hanson (and for the bloggers that love them).


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