Wednesday, April 14, 2010

twitter: bringing fans and sportscasters together.

alternative title: easily the best last shift of work ever!

ohhh wow. *breathe*. i just got home from work. my last shift there for this semester. and holy, what an awesome night it was. for one, i have never had soo many visitors. i don't think i've ever really had visitors at this one... anyways. the other reason is that all my obnoxious tweets did their job. my favoruite tsn sportscaster came in to starbucks... to visit me!!

since olympic morning was on tv - you know that show i repeatedly blogged about (reminise here) and was completely obsessed with - back in february i have been tweeting jay onrait, sportscaster from tsn's sportscentre, to come in to my starbucks which is right beside tsn for a free beverage (i wrote a whole blog on our twitter conversation here; i also proclaimed my love for him and olympics morning here - you should watch that video in order to understand parts of my story). today was my last shift as i mentioned and so i decided to go full force on trying to get him in. really my intentions were sort of joking, i mean if he doesn't usually or really ever come in there is probably a reason like he doesn't work when starbucks is open or something. the tweets i sent to him today were:

so clearly i am just making a big deal of it, really not suspecting anything will happen. well let me set the stage for you.

i have had a really awesome night. i worked with my favourite shift supervisor, my new favourite guy (i infected him with bieber fever - always a good time); my favourite big black body builder buddy had just left after a very romantic cup-drawing and hug/dance session; another fave customer was there writing an essay which iw as helping with - everything was lovely.

9:30 comes and we're obviously getting ready to close soon. i'm serving some customers and just as i finish up with them, i look up, over the bars and i see jay onrait walk in. i made funny stunned face. i really was so surprised but i wanted him to know that i was super happy to see him and also really excited he was. this following is roughly the conversation we had:

allie: hello!!!!
jay: hey! how's it going?
allie: awesome, better now! can i get you a drink?
jay: may i have a tea?
allie: of course. black tea? what size? venti? two tea bags (this is just general starbucks stuff, i didn't actually say all of this in one line haha) it is at this moment that i notice how flippin' tall this guy is! i have never seen anyone so tall!
jay: so are they getting rid of you? this is your last shift, right?
allie: haha, no, i'm just here for school and i'm moving back home to barrie for the summer so this is my last shift before i move back for the summer.
jay: ohh gotcha.
allie: ya, i just wanted to say that i lovvvvvved you on olympic morning, you were hilarious! that show was amazing!
jay: thank you, i'm glad you liked it. it was a lot of fun.
allie: it was such a great program, combining everything together: mtv, ctv, tsn.
jay: ya, well we had no sports to really talk about in the morning so it was a great way to entertain people - just throw 600 people together and talk about random stuff like the teletubbies.
allie: ahaha, oh my goodness. that was one of my favourite times. i was actually here and my cousin actually tweeted that you had said something exceptionally funny so on my break i just rewound olympic morning online and watched it. great line!
jay: haha, i had no idea what was going on. we were so tired.
allie: ya, you guys were up really early eh? like 3am?
jay: yes, so you can just imagine what we felt like.
allie: well the show was awesome, so good cover. what time do you start sportscentre?
jay: we usually begin at 10, so that's why i don't ever come in. i just didn't want to upset you on your last night here.
allie: i'm so glad you did! (i'm such a suuuck-up) what time do you guys finish?
jay: we're live from 2-3am, but sometimes producer tim makes us stay late. he just came back from vacation so he probably will want us to do work until 3:30, pfft.

we laaaaugh, and i tell him that i am looking forward to being home with a tv to watch him on every morning on during the summer. we shake hands; i thank him for coming in and tell him what a cool guy he is for doing so; he tells me good luck with everything, thanks for the drink, have a great summer and "maybe i'll see you when you come back" (like wanna go on a date hahaha? i'm down!). then he and his 7 foot tall self walked away and i was just beaming  (obviously). i crazily ran into the back room to text my brother to brag about how jay onrait had jusssst visited me at starbucks (phil also has a crush on him so he's pretty jealous lol). it was such an amazing night. what a cool guy.

i would like to add that jay looked ravishing in a handsome light blue striped shirt. daaamn.

while we're on the subject, i would like to add one other story, a more awkward story for your enjoyment.
right after the olympics, gino reda, the hockey guy from tsn, came in to starbucks dressed down from the usual suits he wears on tv. i got all brave and asked him if he was gino, he said yes. i told him that he did a great job on olympic morning, that i loved the show, and he said thank you like any polite man would. we made some related small talk, he ordered his bevs. i handed him his coffee and he said thank you, and me being a weirdo i said, "no no thank you!" haahaha. he just looked back at me and smiled haha. i would have been embarrassed but i feel like people who know me would find that awkward burst sort of typical. it was funny. i love all those tsn men mmmmmm!

i'm going to miss my starbucks :( i guess i'll just have to loiter there a bit before i actually move back home in order to really say goodbye to some of my favourite faces. my favourite tsn guys haven't been in in months and i'm starting to think they're avoiding us haha, jokes. but really, i would love to see them one last time.

what a great night! jay onrait, ftw!

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  1. unrerreeerereeeaaalllll
    i've missed tsn SOO much since i've been in uni, can't wait for this summer and next year in a real house!
    SOO lucky!


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