Monday, April 5, 2010

where i call home.

i spent a lot of time downtown during this easter weekend. whether it was walking the dog with the family or a photo adventure with friends, i went down there once or twice a day. even though there are lots of freaky people and it's all still under construction, the waterfront and the boardwalk are wonderful parts of this city and especially with this amazing weather, it's awesome to have a place to walk, see familiar faces and have fun right near home.

of course i went every time with camera in hand. here are some of the best shots from the weekend!


my favourite is the last picture on the right - there is still ice on the lake but still people sit on the beach in their bikinis and bathing suits. ohhh canada!


note the writing on the dock and the action of the person in right photo.


if you couldn't tell, i love taking pictures of the spirit catcher. what a majestic landmark!

i'm so happy about this weather. scarborough photo adventures to come this week for sure! what else am i to do with my time?!


  1. im envious of your camera... being in the hands of allie spencer.. i mean uh... awkward.

    just kidding.

    i want your camera.
    if you get a new one, can i have that one? :)

  2. Great pictures! I'm hurt that the beautiful condos at 75 Ellen didn't make the shots though :-(

  3. These pictures are so awesome and I'm jealous I want your camera :) (not that the pictures coming out great has ALL to do with the camera, you have good eye also).


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