Tuesday, May 18, 2010

may showers? really may flurries.

oh hi!
starbucks finally let me go home so i thought i'd leave a little post.
i don't really have any updates or anything special to say but the three following things:

1) i work more than 30 hours a week. this is something i have touched on but i'm so happy/blown away by how great my summer employment situation has worked out. woop woop!

2) i got a new camera!!!!! its the canon rebel t1i eos 500d. it takes pretty pictures and pretty videos too and i am soo happy about my purchase. i got the recommendation for this camera off photographer nicole hill's blog (check out a link to her suggestions here.)
i found the camera on kijiji - i search for things often but rarely go through with actually purchasing something. until i found this post for a brand new canon t1i for $700. that's a $50 savings from the camera on sale at a store, but a $300 savings when regular price. so i pounced on it. turns out the man was selling because he received it as a gift but already has a better camera.
on thursday, after i had opened and worked 8 hours at starbucks, my mom and i went down to toronto to meet him outside a 7/11 in a gas station parking lot. mom was being all sketchy and trying to talk me through saying no to handing over money if the camera wasn't as he had told me or didn't include everything. we were waiting there quite a while, mom being super paranoid and in turn making me feel bad about my decision, until a car pulled up beside us and i got out of the car and the man handed me the camera in it's unmarked box and i opened it to find everything had never even been taken out of its package. it was love at first sight then. i paid him his money. took the camera out of the box and put it together and turned it on and then i instantly knew: this was my camera soulmate. it might sound kind of crazy but photographers will understand - you just have a connection with a camera - it's like they know what you want them to shoot. i haven't felt this exhilarating feeling in a while and it was amazing. i had butterflies. we then went to yorkdale and i went into blacks and bought a memory card (shoutout about blacks, i always have amazing service there and they are always just a bit cheaper than everywhere else so people go there for your photo needs). i'm so happy with my camera. i can't get enough of it. i definitely think we will grow old(er) together. i'm excited to invest in some lenses and really become legit.

it's shannon the canon ahaha. i name all my cameras.
here are some pics i have taken so far. minnie and i went downtown for a photo adventure/walk.

these shots aren't all that wonderful but i don't think that with the nikon the same pictures would have turned out anything like this - with the pretty blurred background and nice lighting and no grainy effect.

3) (yesterday i started this post but now i don't remember what the third thing is so i'll make another one up) well today my mom had a meeting to find out if she was to leave or be demoted in her company. they are axing 20% of people in her field and those who were going to be departing the company or having a change of roles were going to find out first and with a wednesday meeting, mom was pretty scared. we all were. this has been in progress for a while now but this week cuts are actually being made. so there was lots of praying and "i love you"s and being supportive and positive and encouraging and she got the official word that she is being demoted. which is a good thing. because this way she doesn't have to start fresh finding a new job and that she is able to go back to doing a job she once enjoyed. it's a huge relief for our family to know what the official word is. so many things have been in a stand-still for the past while but now we can breathe again. 
i am beginning to plan ways i can fund raise for my trip but really there would be no chance of going anywhere if our family had no income! i'm going to be organizing some clothing swaps, coffee houses, maybe i'll sell some photography (maybe... or maybe i'll take photos of families which is what i would really like to do instead). i think i'll just whore myself out for a while in the purest sense in order to make money for school and the missions trip. i totally believe i can raise all the money i need even though it's super expensive, but that's why i'm starting now, before the 2010 trip has even left yet haha.
if you're wondering what this trip is, i have decided that next summer i would like to go on a missions trip with launch out ministries around the world. we would go from brazil to thailand to australia to zambia & south africa, through the villages, church building and evangelising. it is for only 2 months, which is short, but as a university student i don't want it to conflict with my education. my favourite thing about this trip is that there is no lecture part because i'm in lectures for 8 months, i just want to be challenged, and stretched, and enlightened, and totally reliant on God. i'm sure over time this blog will become one part my personal venting, second part me updating about the progress of my trip. once i go on the trip, it will be a means for people to keep track of what i'm doing, etc. in the future i will post about how you can financially support me in this endeavor but until then, as always, keep me in your prayers!

thanks homeslices!

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  1. 1) Congrats on your new camera!It takes great photos. I need to get a DSLR and that might very well be the one.

    2) Your next summer travel plan sounds exciting! I'm proud of you for wanting to take the challenge and being determined to raise the funds needed for it. I'm sure it will be life-changing!

    3) I miss your stylish self!

    - Yamri


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