Saturday, June 5, 2010

baby harrison.

last year around this time, i took pictures for pam and kent of their newborn baby, harrison.

it was my first professional-ish photoshoot and a lot of really great pictures came from that shoot and it was encouraging to me that they turned out so well so it sparked even more an interest in doing photography professionally, but not as my main objective.

these are the pictures from one year ago of baby harrison.

last week i took some 1 yr photos for the family, and it shouldn't be surprising how much he's grown, but it is still sooo cool how fast babies/humans change. sad too ("they grow up so fast"), but so fascinating.

what a beautiful little man!

(hi pam & kent, i know you read this sooooo here's a shoutout! can't wait to take more photos for you & your growing family!)


  1. Nicely done Allie. how much do you charge?

  2. I charge $50 for photos and I give you a disc with the originals and some edited photos. That's my beginner's rate though... I hope to be charging $300 by December (JOKES! Maybe by Dec 2011 haha!)


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