Friday, June 11, 2010

the first single (you know me).

this is blur's "coffee & tv" music video to the song "the first single" by the format
what a cute video. i love this song.

last night i couldn't sleep so as i played 14 games of klondike (the ipod version of solitaire) i listened to this song and i just love the sound of it.

i interpret it as big changes are happening for that person, leaving behind someone that has been a big part of their life but may have played a more negative role than anything else. and while it's sad to leave behind a big part of your life it is also time to move on and he's happy about it.

i love songs that sound like time moving, things changing (think "time and confusion" by anberlin, "i'm only me when i'm with you" by taylor swift, "never going back to ok" by the afters, or "fire and rain" (and soo many others) by mat kearney). we change our lives so much in such short periods of time, and we move away from things, move on to others, move institutions, move homes, move cities, move around in those cities, in the world. they are defining songs for me. when i think of them i remember specific moments and it brings me joy!

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  1. I absolutely love The Format! I'm just sad that I discovered after they broke up. But, one of the guys from the group has another band called Fun. If you haven't already, give them a listen. :)


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