Friday, June 4, 2010

hipster music.

i'm trying to widen my musical tastes.

a few months ago i was at a fashion party (aka a party with a bunch of fashion students) and the girl who lived at the swanky apartment had a record player and played the vinyls of vampire weekend and hot chip and i liked the music in that setting so i am trying to liken myself to bands and music like that.

it's not going so well.

usually when i listen to music it's because i want to listen to music. it's not very often i really turn on background music. i like to be able to sing along and know all the words and to enjoy the song.

i'm really picky about music. i have to like the singers voice (and there are many i don't at all, particularly girl singers), the lyrics have to be somewhat meaningful and the sound has to work... you know.

but i went ahead and downloaded a whole crap-load of music and i'm currently in the reviewing process.

here's what i'm listening to:

mumford and sons
born ruffians
vampire weekend
hot chip
animal collective
chicks on speed
danger radio
empire of the sun
sigur ros
marina & the diamonds
miike snow
the new pornograhers
neon indian
neon trees
band of horses
ben's brother
she & him
red ink
the tallest man on earth
anna ternheim
the black keys
drive up buttercup
ernie halter
gemma hayes
laura marling
good shoes
kyle andrews
the middle east
minus the bear
the pass
tame impala
yael naim
and this list of bands from the sasquatch! music festival.

i'll report back whenever i can!


  1. Since you work at Starbucks, I thought you were into that sort of stuff no?

    Check out

    It's MY favourite radio station right now.

  2. Great list!
    Mumford & Sons, Tallest Man On Earth, Wilco, She & Him and Animal Collective are some of my faves.

    Gotta check out
    Phoenix, Andrew Bird, Angus & Julia Stone, Patrick Watson as well. :)

  3. I agree with Gill, sweeet tunes!
    I love love the tallest man on earth and wakey!wakey!

    I wish Barrie had cool music/festivals!

    let's find some cool concerts to go to when i'm home.. maybe in toronto?



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