Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my ooops.

tonight was a great youth night.
and during just a moment i remembered to thank god for breath, this one, that one, the next one.

but sometimes i forget to just breathe when i should. and instead i go ahead and say things that i should just keep to myself. or just allow to pass over.

earlier i wrote a little posty-post that was sort of impulsive. i won't apologize for what i wrote necessarily because i wrote them so i thought them so i meant them, but some things don't need to be written down for everyone to read and by writing what i did i contradicted myself justifying it because i wasn't attempting to make it secret and exclusive but really it accomplished nothing. 

i may disagree with other people's ideas or decisions or what people dedicate blogs to, but it's not my place to say anything nor to judge, so i was in the wrong and for that i apologize.

in some neato news though, i have been asked to speak at youth to the grade 12's going onto post-secondary or at least graduating high school. what should i talk about?!

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  1. I held my tongue because I figured you were talking about my friends. The 'leader' comment hurt a bit if it was directed in the fashion I assumed it to be.


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