Sunday, June 20, 2010

oh yay! more gorgeous couples photos!

mise well share more beautiful photos of couples and weddings while i'm at it. thank you connie for showing me steep street's couple photos!

they have a whole bunch of gorgeous pictures of couples but here are my favourites:

holy amazing weather day it looks like

i like this a lot. even though it's very obviously showing off her ring, it's still really endearing and sweet. and kind of edgy too.

this would be a great pose for flashing one's engagement ring.

and that's only a few of the albums. check out more photos from steep street here.


  1. i love steep street
    i stumbled upon them a few weeks ago


    lovely photos!

  2. K, I think you need to check out Promise Tangeman.

    I like it, and think you would too.

    GO!... NOW!


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