Sunday, June 20, 2010

pretty "hipster" wedding pictures.

yesterday while rcatching up on my favourite blogs i clicked something random in the sidebar and found a pretty photography site called for you love me. lately i have noticed all these photoshopped, kind of weird, artsy wedding photos and as cool as they are, i prefer simple, really elegant and sentimental photos. just like the one's on this site.

the first wedding i saw on the page i loved. it looks like a cute, very personalized wedding and i love all the custom touches. the photographer, carissa, seems to have really captured the essence of the day - the excitement, preparation, nervousness - and i love that. because it really is just like capturing memories, as opposed to setting up lighting and getting into strange, sometimes awkward positions, making serious faces; all that's posed and set-up. as cool as they look, i'd rather eat lots cake and dance the night away haha.

when i take pictures i like to capture things just as they are. yes, i like when people pose but not in a way that is unnatural, so i love how natural these pictures are.

here are some of my faves from for you love me:

gorgeous photos! more photos can be seen here.

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