Tuesday, June 8, 2010

spring banquet.

friday night was my church's youth group's spring banquet. it is basically a night to get dressed up, eat food, be merry and the grade 12's "graduate" youth. the youth pastor asked me to take photos for the night (that was suck a wonderful thing in itself because i never get asked to take pictures, it always just seems assumed. often the assumption is pretty right - i do come and take pics or ask if i'm needed - but i've been really down lately about that fact - never being asked - so to be asked was such a great relief and was so appreciated by me. it's nice to know i'm wanted and needed and that i'm not just always volunteering my time and energy which can be exhausting.) the night was really lovely, everyone looked great, and the decorations were amazing!

the pictures didn't all turn out as great as i hoped - still getting used to the camera - but there are definitely many gems from the night and holy am i ever pleased to have so many photogenic and goodlooking friends!

here are some of the keepers fer suuure.

i love my little friends. and i love my youth group.

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