Sunday, July 11, 2010

my top ten favourite tv shows.

number one: the united states of tara.
i am always fascinated by families, especially crazy ones that deal. the united states of tara is a show about a woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and who is struggling to understand why she has this disease. she has an amazing husband (john corbett - heavy sigh & drooling), a well-dressed and adorable gay son, a sarcastic and adorable daughter, and a supportive and adorable sister. this show is so different from most others and the cast is amazing. they all deserve ribbons or emmy's or something. definitely check it out.

tara's other personality's, from left: buck, alice, tara herself, and t
ahhhh he's so handsome that john corbett!

watch the united states of tara here.

number two: flight of the conchords.
top fave show probably. i know the lyrics to every song. and the characters - bret and jemaine - are gold. i have no words but lololololololol. i love this show. why does it have to be ovvvvvverrr? they only did two seasons and they won't be back again. tear.

favourite episode, "new cup" season 2 episode 2. favourite song, hiphopopotamus vs. rhymenoceros live.
watch flight of the conchords here.

number three: the office.
hello, steve carell. i have stolen most of my funny lines from this show. and what really introduced people to saying "that's what she said" excessively? this show. need i say more? the office dynamics alone are wonderful. each person is so distinct and hilarious.
steve, please don't leave. pam and jim, be together forever and in real life please please i beg you!

favoruite episodes, "fun run" season 4, episode 1 & "phyllis' wedding" season 3, episode 16
watch the office here.

number four: it's always sunny in philadelphia .
four friend own a bar. the bar sucks so really they just drink all day and try to come up with different ridiculous ways of getting money and bringing in business. they pretty much always fail but the best thing about them is they are not loyal to each other at all and will do anything to their "friends" in order to reach their main goals. they are totally gross - mainly charlie who will eat anything and never baths - and horrible human beings but the show is a complete riot. it gets significantly better second season when danny devito hops on board.

ahhhh and they even do live stuff?? i'm in!!

watch it's always sunny in philadelphia here.

number five: design inc., sarah's cottage, sarah's house.
mixing things up now. i'm a total sucker for hgtv and sarah richardson is my girl! she has amazing taste - gorgeous and clean and simple and beautiful.

number six: mtv live.
i've proclaimed my love for mtv live so many times on here but that show is soo funny. they are so bad but so great and i just wanna be friends with them!!! please hire me mtv!!!
i like pretty much everytime they make paultheintern look totally awkward, so i'm going to post some of his one on one interviews. the best is when they send him out as a journalist though, by far!!

they kill me!!
wtahc mtv live here.

number seven: life unexpected.
girl, luxe, who has spent her life in foster care finally finds her parents. they legally adopt her but it's not without it's ups and downs of course. this show warms my heart and also has made me think a lot about how important parents are and nature vs. nurture
oh and the music on this show is great!

watch life unexpected here.

number eight: cougar town.
this show is kind of pathetic buuuut i like it anyhow. it's funny and cute. it makes me laugh. that's all that matters.

watch cougar town here.

number nine: one tree hill.
so much dramz. but i'm hooked on these people and i care about them so much i don't want them to go awaaaay. (as you can probably tell i'm now too lazy to actually write anything about these shows. just watch the trailers haha)
ohh and such awesome music in this show too!!

so much has changed in the show since this video was made obv. a bunch of these people aren't even on the show anymore.

number ten: modern family.

probably the best show on tv!! hilarious!!!!!!!!

here's a video to help you understand the story....

i love this shoooow... more?

phil (the dad) is great. best show on tv!


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  1. I LOVE Paul's One on One! Seriously the best part of MTV Live. That and "Speaking Out".


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