Saturday, July 17, 2010

this has got to be the good life.

i have been so lazy lately, hense why i have only posted a few videos and nothing else.

life has also been busy (the usual excuse). i think it's about time i fill you in on all that's going on.

well for one, my computer has been mad freaking out lately so even when i did want to post i couldn't coz it was shutting off or just not working.

two weeks ago i went to wonderland for wonderjam. it's a christian concert event and this year we saw hawk nelson, starfield and switchfoot. i went with my college and careers group and we rode on rides all day and then in the evening a few of us went to watch the bands. i saw the tail end of hawk nelson - they're just like a christian simple plan, starfield - who i really like a lot and they sang a lot of my faves, and switchfoot - who were awesome! they have awesome stage presence and they put on a great show and well they have great music soooo you just knew it would be great!

it was, overall, a very fun day! i applied a lot of sunscreen but still dot burnt. whatever, i'm over it. here are some pics from the day and some videos of switchfoot live!

and now some videos of switchfoot...
the first two videos are of the song "awakening" - one of my all-time faves. sounds quality is sort of bad because we were three-rows from the front and pretty close to the speakers!

this is your life, sung with jon foreman in the crowd!

and finally "yet", which is a gorgeous song.

i have also since developed a gambling habit. the past 2 friday's some work friends and i have gone to the slots/racetrack for a karaoke competition (video of me singing to come ahah). well the first week after karaoke we went to the other side of the building to the slots and my world was completely opened up. it was beautiful in there - terrible but beautiful ahah.
people were sitting there at machines just pressing buttons and, well, funny naive story, i could see lots of people with cords clipped from people's clothing to the machine and i thought they were lifelines, like just in case they fainted or had a heart attack from sitting there too long that an emergency buzzer would go off or something. i quickly learned that they were not lifelines but cords attaching someone's awards card. ahhaha. so the second week we went i got myself one of these cards - and cords - and with that they gave me $5 playable money. so i played the slots with that free playable money and i won!! $5.75!! it may not seem like very much but considering it was my first time ever playing the slots and it cost me nothing to win it, i was pretty ecstatic. downside: now i love the slots. ahhaha. i have another 10 playable dollars for use between july 24 and aug something so i am really looking forward to using that ahahha!!

with shannon & my winning!

with michael, demonstrating how you can use your slots "lifeline" ahha

and now for me singing some "baby baby"! sooooo funny!

the sunday of that weekend (2 weeks) ago was just a  normal sunday with exceptionally wonderful weather. i wanted so badly to go to the beach after church but when we got there there was actually not a single spare bit of sand for all of us. so we went over the visser's pool. the day was all fine and dandy, we swan, threw balls at each other, ate food, chatted, laughed, etc. then the "accident" happened. a friend rob was sort of crouched by the pool near the shallow end when another friend went and jokingly pushed him into the pool. except he didn't make it in the pool. his face smashed off the corner of the pool and theeen he fell in. he came up and stood over the side of the pool and started to spit up blood. fortunately the father at the house is a policeman and the son is a firefighter so they knew all the right questions to ask and when it came down to it we all decided he definitely had to go to the hospital because we didn't know what was wrong and when it comes to face and jaw hospital is always a good idea. another friend, dan, was going to drive rob and the person who pushed him who was beside herself in guilt to the er, but he quickly realized his sister had taken the keys accidentally and gone to the other side of barrie. so nervously i volunteered to drive all three of them to the hospital. we had to go from outside of town and although i was trying to abide by speed limits - because we don't want to get pulled over when we're trying to get to the er, am i right? - i did miss a few stop signs ahha. eventually we got to the er, dan helped rob check in and i was left alone in the waiting room until wes (the firefighter and son of house we were at) and a few others showed up. eventually there were just too many people there for different reasons - dropping off keys, being the boyfriend of person dropping off keys, etc - so i went home, asking that they would update me when they got word of what was wrong. well no one bothered to tell me until i begged, which really pissed me off, and word then was that he might need surgery and his jaw wired, but that was kind of an exaggeration, they just wanted to wait for swelling to go down before deciding if he would need surgery or not. he had four fractures in his jaw but i believe the updated word is that his swelling has gone down and he won't need surgery? but then again, i wouldn't know what was wrong, no one would tell me.

the week that happened was also rob's birthday so a bunch of us got together to celebrate by going for ice cream, then to a secret beach and then later to see "grown ups". pretty funny movie, but shot in a weird way. it all seemed very raw and improv. we laughed a lot, so pretty decent jokes.

here are some pics from rob's birthday. i was mad creepin' with lenny, the 50mm lens, aka the second best purchase of my life as shannon the canon.

ryan rocking my sunglasses..

phil & alisha being funny with a watermelon

patrick & i buying chips...

alisha was inspired to make me pose like forrest gump ahha

daaaang photogenic couple! see more pics of them here.

the football fell in the water. ryan went in in his underwear! scandal!

phil climbed a tree randomly...

this is horrible, but rob had to lick chips. poor guy ahah.

this week i have just been working as usual. i did some photoshoots for people to build up my portfolio. i've been working on getting business cards made and in talks with someone to have a proper online portfolio/website made which is extremely exciting!

you can see many of the pictures i took of my co-worker cindy's kids and more of alisha & phil here.

on thursday this past week, i was given tickets by aj the wonderdog to go see alpha rev and onerepublic at the phoenix concert theatre in toronto. i like alpha rev after having heard their music on the "the last song" soundtrack and i like onerepublic but more like when i hear it on the radio i'll listen, so i didn't have very high expectations of the concert, it was just cool to get free tickets! 

i drove down after work on thursday. it was crazy. my car was just not having it. i thought at any minute it was going to burst into flames but after a whole lot of shaking and grumbling and prayers on my part, we finally made it to the hotel!

kasia and i met up in the hotel lobby, went to drop our stuff off in the hotel room and then went out to the concert.

alpha rev sang all my favourites by them but i get a feeling that the crowd of 15 year olds didn't know who they were. so it was a pretty dead crowd. they still did a good job but their stage antics and presence wasn't much compared to onerepublic. they had many more upbeat songs and kasia and i just danced danced danced in the back with people laughing at us but we were having a ball. both bands were huge - alpha rev has 8 people, onerepublic has 7 - and they had a lot of different instruments - strings and keyboards and funny noise making mics. the show was great, mostly onerepublic and i am now a fan for life!

alpha rev


i'll be posting my own videos later but this is my new favourite song - "good life" - by onerepublic! enjoy!

in the evening, kasia and i stayed at the royal york hotel - how she-she-poo-poo! - because my mom was there for meetings and logistically it made sense coz there is parking there - valet parking at that! so when we came back from the concert kasia and i took some pictures being all ritzy and suspicious at the fairmont!

in the morning, kasia and my mother had to go to work so we all woke up early. kasia left around 8am, mom was already gone, so i took some pictures, finished getting ready then went down to where all the food was for mom's workers. yum!

i was all alone..

there were three men from the royal york cleaning up the eating room when i went in there to eat (my mom kicked me out of the classroom because she was going to start teaching the reps about drugs!) and they were so cute. i told them i wouldn't make a mess at all and they said, "no please do! or else they start laying off people!" ahha. i told them "well in that case i'm going to turn this place upside down!" haha. after i had finished eating, one of the men, a little peruvian man, came in and we started talking about toronto, what we were doing on the weekend, how poeple drive through barrie to cottage country and about starbucks and coffee, he told me that the best coffees come from brazil, colombia and peru and that starbucks needs more coffees from there. it was a really nice conversation - he was super adorable - and it made my day. now that i'm cynical and i have lost faith in people, i'm trying to be super appreciative and kind to people who work in service. so i hope our conversation made his day. coz it made mine!

after breakfast, i walked up to the eaton centre. i just wanted to go to urban outfitters and then drive to yorkdale instead of being downtown, but because i got there before anything opened at 9:30am i bought a starbucks and sat in the eaton centre just people watching - my most favourite thing ever. i had a baby come over to where i was sitting and babble at me, that was precious and it took a lot in me not to ask to take his picture ahha. at 10am stuff in the mall started opening and so i got up to go to uo but then aritzia opened and the windows said sale sale sale! so i went in and dropped some dough on tanks, dresses, skirts. the deals were really good, like 50% off a lot of things so that was fun. then i went to urban outfitters where is also said sale sale sale! and dropped some more dough on earrings, sunglasses, skirt shorts, a skirt, and a dress. i figured that was enough so i walked back to the royal york, went to valet - oh la la! - picked up my beater (the only car with rust on it and a loud engine in the whole place!) and drove up avenue road to the highway. there was a lot of construction going on but it was all good. 

at bathurst and lawrence, the jewish part of toronto, i was driving past a group of 5 orthodox jewish men decked out in hats and (now i'm gapping on the word, not good) tassles. my windows were down and i was listening to hillsong really loudly, but at this perfect moment in the song, the men were right outside my window when joel houston - lead singer - screamed out "Jesus!!" and all the men looked and i could do nothing but laugh. it was too perfect!

in the evening the family went out to 'at the five' for phil's dinner. every year for his birthday we go to a barrielicious restaurant and this year was no different. we sat on the beautiful patio and the food and the service were very good! i would love to go back to 'at the five' just to sit on the patio!

my new uo dress! $15, regular $80! woooo!

we set up the camera for self-pictures on the car haha

dad and his fancy virgin caesar

when in doubt, pinky out.

my fooood: chicken stuffed with prosciutto and cheese, yum!

and that's all folks! that's what i've been up to!

have a great weekend xox


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the uo dress. *FYI they changed their shipping policy from online. It used to be $50 now its $10!!!! and they ALWAYS have a $9.99 &under section online with really nice stuff. The best (L)

  2. Holy Crapola!
    You've been busy!
    Thjanks for the update, love the pics. You've got style.


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