Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i'm in!! school is finally figured out!
on monday i talekd to someone at laurentian at georgian and after some more calls the woman was able to locate my transcripts in laurentian in sudbury, have them faxed down and i was accepted for september. i wasn't worried about getting accepted but i was getting worried about finding out last minute and having to make some quick decision as to where to go (it's pretty arrogant and annoying that they think they can accept people right up until school starts, but whatevss). so that is obviously a huge relief and pressure off me, praise God!

i was walking around the school trying to find the registrar's office to pick up my acceptance package and although i'm conflicted because, well, straight up, a u of t degree would be nicer than a laurentian degree, i'm also so excited to actually be making my own decision. u of t felt a little forced, not on purpose, from the parents, but i knew (still know) that they have high standards and expectations but i gave it two years and it just wasn't for me. i don't want to feel like i'm floating around all the time. i want stability. i want opportunity, and not in the way that i'm always trying to make something happen. i want to be apart of things mostly, groups, committees, projects. i want friendssss. already this week, after the acceptance, so many things that are the outside reasons i decided to change, are happening: photography, new job openings, starbucks shifts to cover, event planning, etc. my brother also just came back from kenya on monday and with that came kind of a turn of mindset. i am working towards a goal here and this is a new chapter in my life. maybe a new "part". i now feel like i am taking the right path to get to where i want to go. instead of floating aimlessly which is really what i felt i was doing at u of t. no real direction, no foundation, no support system. even though i still don't really know what i want to do as a life job, i know that what i am doing or working towards should help me to build my resume for that job, i know i want to take now to travel, i know that i want to contribute to something.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Phillipians 3:14

in other news, my summer spending habits kind of went out of control. not cool. i guess i got in the mindset that since i was working so much i could spend a lot too... well bad idea. not that i'm in trouble but i still need to meet the goal that parents set out for me. i thought i would get to it early and i could of if i had been wise, but i wasn't. i was lured by sequins, glitter and things. with the whole change in mind that i mentioned above i now have to really focus on saving money for a new computer! and then for my missions trip! i always say this, but legit need to start doing some hardcore saving. start doing what i should have been doing all summer :( well can only move forward now.

but shoutout readers,!if you want photos done of you, your significant other, your baby, children, family, contact me! and just because everyone seems to assume it, i'm not free, but i'm not expensive! but i produce good photos and you would know that if you read this! get them done before summer's over coz starting in september i'm hiking the prices and becoming pro or something like that.


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