Sunday, August 29, 2010

dear summer 2010.

you have been great.
 i had such low expectations for you but you surprised me on so many levels.
1) the weather. was amazing. thank you sunshiiiiiine :)
2) the company. was new and neat and fun.
3) the changes. that took place are only going to better my future.
4) the business. is exciting! it took being home and it being summer to help me really make things happen.

last summer was so good. but i made no money. so this summer definitely takes the cake. even though there are a few days left and some good stuff to look forward to - jonas brothers and the swede is coming back! - i can undoubtedly conclude the summer knowing that it was a great one. one for the books perhaps. it feels like a lot og life change took place the past few months. and not just meaning the school on my degree will be different even though that's a pretty huge part of it. i feel like a slightly better, but also a slightly worse person. for one i'm cynical now and i don't trust anything - mainly speaking about food products/labels and business propaganda - but a better person because i feel more on track and less like i'm floating. which i think will benefit not only me in the long run.

i learned a lot. can't really pinpoint what but my eyes have been opened numerous times in the past months. i have so many new things to look forward too which were honed and thought up in the time since may.

i'm so excited for september. thank you summer for being so kind to me. and most importantly (coz i don't even know if summer reads my blog) thank you to all the awesome people who i shared lots of fun moments with in the sunshine!

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