Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the epic finale!

oh wow, this looks incredible. harry potter is amazing. it's pretty rad to have been alive and young when these books came out seeing as undoubtedly they will be studied in universities when the next generation comes around. pretty epic i'd say. and even though there's witchcraft and lots of people have problems with that, these books are good and well-written and exciting. and man so are the movies. i'm pumped!

so many good things happening this november. including me turning 20! ah ahh ahhhhhh! crazy! that's so friggin' old!!

i start my internship tomorrow at pastor mike's church. he is the first pastor that i ever really got to know, that got to know me, and he is a huge reason why i started coming out to emmanuel. i will be working on launching the website for his new church as well as developing other media things for the church. i'm so excited about it!

well that's all for now. have a good night!

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