Thursday, September 9, 2010

first day of school.

yesterday i started my first day at my new school. and it was great.

on tuesday there was orientation which mostly consisted of tours and presentations. i met a few people, saw some familiar faces. it was funny to think that i had already done this whole tour thing before at the other school but it made me feel at ease. it was pretty nice that some people i knew from elementary school came up and said hi to me and we hung out for most of the day.

there has been a ton of confusion with my transcript. on tuesday as it stood i had no timetable, no classes to go to, and no word on my transfer credits. after the orientation i went and spoke with the english head of department and he worked out for me (1) why everything was screwed up - i was told someone from georgian didn't tell laurentian in sudbury that i have officially accepted so they hadn't put me in the system completely, and (2) he outlined for me how i should go to classes even though i'm not yet a real student haha. so yesterday i spent the day going to classes that i'm interested in, that i hope to get into. i was supposed to speak to the profs but totally forgot to. it was a long day - 11-9 - but i knew people in ever class which makes the place feel like home. this was a good decision.

i also received all my transfer credits yesterday and i got credit for all of them but one journalism one! that's so sweet! meaning i'm not behind at all and i should still finish in 2 years! wooooo!

at lunch yesterday i was waiting for my friend shane in the cafeteria and so many people walked past that i recognized. maybe it makes me sound superficial to be so excited to know so many people, but i knew no one at utsc and no one knew me and that's strange for me. i'm used to being pretty involved and well-known. it feels great and comfortable. and my classes were really neat. and small. and the rooms are painted! not just cement slabs. there is life in this place. i'm happy, i'm really happy. and it's only been 1 day.

i feel like i can do really well here. i feel safe, motivated, excited, and happy, and apart of something rather than just floating around. grounded, that's how i feel. like i have a place. and that is what i have been longing for.

i only have class tuesday and wednesday's but i have a parking pass so i plan on just hanging out there and when i'm a real student and i can get a gym pass, i'd really like to make use of that too. the gym at georgian is like 4 times the size of the one at utsc and it has climbing walls!

outside of school, i already have many commitments throughout the year which i'm excited about. i'm going to be a grade 1 leader in the woods (what we call sunday school at emmanuel) and i am also a youth leader (officially now coz i'll be around more often!). i am also hoping to have an opportunity to learn about radio on the local christian radio station. not that i want everything i do to be within the christian bubble, but so far there have been so many great opportunities for me within the bubble, and that is a huge reason why i stayed here. everything is shaping up just like i knew it would. thank you Lord!

now i feel like i'm actually on a focused path going somewhere as opposed to when i was in scarborough and always felt like i was bouncing around with no landing pad. it feels good (for the millionth time!) and i'm so excited for this year, so so excited! can't wait to meet new people, get to know old people better, learn a lot, have fun, get good marks, work hard, save money and accomplish all the goals i want to set out for myself!!

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