Monday, October 18, 2010

we day!

sooo cool to have been apart of this!

we just got home from phil doing an awesome presentation of his kenya trip for the development & peace group at our catholic church. i'm all fired up! phil's going to do amazing things and i looooove the initiatives of free the children. i definitely want to remain conscious and aware in the ways that i live to help contribute to the world and to this organization. they are doing amazing things!

watch this video!

and it's not the same watching this, but singing wavin' flag by k'naan with 17,999 other people, all in one place with the desire to make world change, all of us waving our hands, was probably one of the top coolest feelings i have ever experienced. i highly doubt this video does justice, but it was incredible!

(also, thank you everyone for your concern about my mom. she's doing well. just scared, as are all of us. we appreciate your thoughts and prayers though, thank you.)

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